ONCE Cuponazo distributes half a million euros to 20 inhabitants of Pozoblanco

The raffle of Couponazo of the ONCE yesterday, Friday, left part of his fortune in Pozoblanco, where Antonio Sánchez sold 20 coupons awarded at 25,000 euros each, thus distributing half a million euros to his neighbors.

As ONCE reported in a statement, Sánchez, who has been a salesman since 1998, brought good luck to Calle Mayor de la Ciudad de Cordoba, in the heart of the city. “I still don’t believe it, hopefully it’s distributed well and it’s the agent’s turn who needs it as things stand,” he said today. today. “Every morning you wake up with the illusion of giving a prize,” he admits.

The draw for this Couponazo He left another coupon endowed with 25,000 euros in Algeciras and brought the greatest fortune to the Leonese town of Astorga, where the graceful series was sold for 9 million euros. In total, ONCE yesterday distributed more than 11.5 million euros between Castilla León, Andalusia, the Balearic Islands, Extremadura, Galicia, the Community of Madrid and the Valencian Community.

The Couponazo de la ONCE offers every Friday, for three euros, a five-figure prize plus a series of 9 million euros, and six second prizes of 100,000 euros for as many extractions, also with a series. If you opt for the Couponazo XXL, for five euros, the jackpot rises to 15 million and 200,000 euros respectively. In addition, you can win 134 prizes of 25,000 euros in 5 figures of the first prize, which climb up to 40,000 euros per coupon in the XXL option. The draw still offers 800,000 small prizes for the last 4, 3 or 2 digits of the 6 second category draws.

ONCE coupons are part of the social, safe, responsible and solidarity lottery products of the Organization which, from their design to their commercialization, put in place controls to neutralize uncontrolled consumption, expressly prohibiting the sale to minors or consumption to credit, among other measures. The Organization assumes a responsibility towards citizens by promoting a policy of responsible gambling with the most demanding evaluation and monitoring systems defined by the World Lottery Association and the European Association of State Lotteries and Totos.

For his part, the Eurojackpotthe European mega raffle that ONCE sells in Spain with 17 other countries of the European Economic Area, offers this Tuesday, July 19 a jackpot of 117 million euros.

Since March 25, the Eurojackpot It organizes two draws per week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, and increases its maximum jackpot to 120 million euros, instead of the 90 million it had until now. ONCE markets this European lotto with Germany, Sweden, the Netherlands, Italy, Finland, Croatia, Slovenia, Norway, Lithuania, Latvia, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia , Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland.

And the ONCE Summer Extra draws for next August 15 a first prize of 15 million euros, ten additional prizes of one million euros and 119 other prizes worth 40,000 euros.

ONCE coupons are marketed by the Organization’s more than 19,000 commercial agents. Additionally, they can be purchased from www.juegosonce.esand in accredited collaborating institutions.

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