New wave of COVID causes fever over 38°C, loss of smell and taste, sore throat and ear pain

The seventh wave of COVID-19 It causes a fever of more than 38°C for the first two or three days, in addition to loss of smell and taste, sore throat and ear pain. Dr. Antonio Valdivia, head of preventive medicine at the Ribera Health Group in the Dénia Hospital ensure that, in general, symptoms are similar to many flu photosalthough “in recent weeks we see that approximately 10% of patients lose their sense of smell and taste, with a tendency to present with greater throat inflammation and ear pain”.

Otherwise, he adds,the behavior of the virus is similar to the sixth wave”. The head of preventive medicine Vinalopó University HospitalDr Jose Antonio Delgado. “The clinical picture is similar to variants that have circulated before, but with the difference that severe cases of the disease have decreased significantly,” he says.

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