Mollejo, Simeone, Azón and make war on the warriors

There’s a first pattern that was as expected as it is now evident heading into Real Zaragoza’s summer market. synergies with member clubs and friends of the new property are priority. Through them, the Société Anonyme has already formalized the transfer of Giuliano Simeone, reached an agreement with Víctor Mollejo also on loan, both from Atlético de Madrid, main source of inspiration, and negotiating the arrivals of the Bolivian central defender Jairo Quinteros and attacking winger or midfielder Matías Pellegrini, linked to Inter Miami, another of the teams in this international swarm of sporting and economic interests.

Thanks to this, Real Zaragoza will have access to this window (the first after the change of owners and, therefore, of enormous importance) footballers who would hardly have ended up here in a group in other institutional circumstances. This is an advantageous factor from which other second division clubs have benefited in recent years, some with magnificent results, and which Real Zaragoza had not had as an ally until now.

On the one hand, child players of synergies. And, on the other hand, an antagonistic hiring model to that of last season, where the club opted for footballers with more to do than to do, with poor results. This summer, the management has radically changed. In addition to renewing the main values ​​of the career, Francho and Azón have already signed their contract extension, Real Zaragoza throws itself into the arms of youth, interesting projects, hunger and envy, a priori correct policy and with a better future than the past and the little present, even if later it will be the competition that gives and takes away reasons.

The attack that Juan Carlos Carcedo will have at his command will be made up of several players eager to conquer the world, of insulting youth (Azón and Simeone were born in 2002 and Mollejo, in 2001) and with extraordinary conditions and physical capacity , ready to rack up the miles forward and back in the service of the team and at the expense of rivals. Iván Azón is a warrior of arms to take and impossible to give up, Giuliano Simeone, speed, goal and another tireless fighter and Víctor Mollejo, good technique and all character and battle without a quarter. With them, and with what will come in the future with similar profiles, Zaragoza is arming itself with fresh legs for a 42-game war.

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