Mercadona removes these sought-after products from its catalog and causes chaos among its customers

mercadona confirmed the withdrawal of various products from their MDD, among which Hacendado or Bosque Verde. The Valencian supermarket company, which constantly launches innovations to attract new customers, has also been forced to eliminate some of its products.

There are times when the brand gives in to pressure from its own customers and, after several weeks or months, these previously removed products are back in stock. For instance, salmorejo brickwhich ceased to be on sale barely a month ago.

Its withdrawal was an annoyance to many people who bought this Tetra Brik salmorejo from Hacendado in the Cordovan style, which had been a hit in sales every summer for many years, as well as the gazpacho. Now his return has generated a good surprise to customers who find it during their regular visits to the Valencian chain.

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