Lunaz expands its factory to transform thermal vehicles into electric vehicles – Sector – Hybrids and Electrics

Lunaz Applied Technologies is a company focused on transformation of vehicles from traditional mechanics to fully electric models. The demand for their services is so pronounced that in a recent statement they confirmed that they would be expanding their vehicle remanufacturing facility located in Silverstone, England. This extension will be a little over 13,000 additional square meters.

In recent months, Lunaz has carried out major mechanical renovations on historic models, such as a classic range roverand Aston Martin DB6 or even the Jaguar XK140 that David Beckham gave to his son. From the company, they claim to have received an impressive wave of orders in recent months and for those who have demanded an increase in the size of their facilities. Parallel, this will be accompanied by a total of 300 new jobs.

David Lorenz, founder of Lunaz, said this historic project represents a huge step forward for them, as well as for promote carbon-neutral mobility. He also said that this increase in his facilities is presented as a huge vote of confidence from investors and customers, as the market in which this company is based initially seemed quite risky, mainly due to the possible lack of willing people. to pay for such a service.

This expansion of the facilities will be dedicated to the reuse of industrial vehicles (particularly trucks), which will be dismantled, their diesel mechanics will be removed and a complete electrical system will be attached, thus making a new vehicle instead of its previous destination, which was mainly scrapping. This work is declared very relevant when it comes to reducing carbon emissions, as well as the use of fundamental raw materials. A study carried out by the company itself has shown that recycling these thermal vehicles to transform them into electric models saves up to 80% of carbon emissions.

In these new facilities, Lunaz will recycle industrial vehicles, mainly trucks
Industrial vehicles, mainly trucks, will be recycled in these new facilities.

However, in addition to its own work on the recycling of thermal vehicles, the company has a complete sustainable approach, since its facilities have all kinds of advancements to be virtually carbon neutral. Radiators and fans, different factory tools or elements for the construction and transport of vehicles, will have electricity obtained entirely in a sustainable way, such as wind turbines or solar panels.

Lunaz Applied Technologies brings a number of improvements to facelifted vehicles, such as the primer of a new more ecological paint and, thanks to which, you get a completely new vehicle look; improvements are also made in sections such as the chassis or the brakes. The plastics that cover the cabin panels are also replaced with new ones of better quality. Finally, new technologies are integrated such as a digital instrument panel and optional exterior mirrors with cameras.

From the company they affirm that they are the first company in the world with this dedication that has such a demand for work, which positions it as a world leader in this type of activity. Once the new facility is fully operational, the company will have sufficient capacity to manufacture up to 1,100 units of these recycled vehicles per year. “This breakthrough will allow us to unlock the potential of electric technology to break with the traditional replacement cycle of new vehicles, thus bringing us even closer to the long-awaited carbon neutrality,” said David Lorenz.

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