Luis Campos and his friendship with Lim

Héctor Gómez analyzes the current situation at Valencia and why the club still doesn’t have a sporting director.

Valencia CF’s main shareholder, Peter Lim, has been looking for a sporting director since at least last April, when he accelerated negotiations with Gattuso to relieve Valencian José Bordalás from the bench. The candidate chosen by Jorge Mendes and with whom he convinced Lim was the Catalan Ramón Planesbut his demands, he wanted power similar to Mateu Alemany’s and signed to contract, rebuffed the Asian who ruled him out.

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After dropping Planes, with whom they negotiated the same week Gattuso traveled to Singapore, Leonardo’s name came up because the club made sure that someone was looking for someone who had ties to the entity and could connect with fans and Valencian estates. Other names also appeared there, such as Subirats or Rufete. However, the reality is that this has all been going on for over six weeks and Lim hasn’t made any deals with anyone.

Yesterday the newspaper “Marca” He assured that Peter Lim had continued his project of sports advice and that he let himself be advised by… Luis Campos. Campos recently signed as PSG’s sporting director, replacing Leonardo, oddly enough, and also works as a sporting adviser for Celta. However, those he trusts assure that it is rare that Campos has taken on a new commitment of this style when he has in his hands the project of one of the most powerful clubs in the world.

The Portuguese’s friendship with Peter Lim comes a long way. They know each other, they have shared a table and a tablecloth on several occasions and in fact on several occasions Lim has tried to take over the sports field of Valencia CF, but he has never advanced. He did not advance, because Campos always asked him for independence to make decisions and a budget of 20-25 million to sign. The model of Campos is known to all, it is based on the search for young and cheap talent to subsequently resell huge sums and thus allow the growth of the club.

In el Lille, this pattern took the club to the league title and several of his signings led to multi-million dollar sales like Oshimen and Botman. Even with this approval, Lim never stepped up to give him a project and in 2021 he called him, but he didn’t make the offer and Campos didn’t follow through because the Asian didn’t. didn’t want it. The Portuguese was ready, but that didn’t happen.

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Without a doubt, his arrival or that of a posh sporting director would have been a minimal step towards finding the credibility they say they want to regain. But no, that’s not what Peter Lim seems to be looking for. Lim moved the pieces well by looking out for Mendes to ease the waters at Valencia, but the reality is that on July 16 it’s not normal to be looking for a sporting director. If they had really been looking for a strong figure, he would already be in Valencia. But guys like Campos, Planes or people who have worked in big clubs ask for guarantees to work and that’s what Lim doesn’t seem to want to give anyone.

A club like Valencia CF needs a powerful structure that would have already signed four or five players, even if it cost nothing and had a clear plan to follow to balance the squad. Here, another summer we go straight to the madness and the August sales. Because even if a sports director arrives now, it will not be to work in the conditions that Valencia CF has been demanding for years.

Hector Gomez

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