Lolita talks about Isabel Pantoja’s confession in Pride

    A week after his controversial speech at Pride, Isabelle Pantoja continues to be the protagonist of many debates and questions, on many occasions, rhetorical. With only a line from his speech – “I am one of you”– shocked the whole world by interpreting that he came out of the closet, something that she herself denied her surroundings and with whom, in fact, she was very angry. “My mother was referring to joining the collective fight, but in no way is this a statement,” assured Isa Pi on television sets. A thrill that Lolita spoke about during her time in ‘Sálvame Deluxe’ where she was interviewed by the new series which will be released in a few months, ‘Las invisibles’, about hotel maids.

    “Everything Isabel says is called into question. Sometimes you don’t have to look three feet at the cat”, assured Lolita who made an allegation in favor of the words of those who were her friend, insisting on the meaning she gave them from the beginning: “I think she said it in their favor”.

    Lolita Flores Talks Isabel Pantoja in Deluxe


    “Everyone is free to do what they want with their life,” Lolita began, “and if she hid behind the words that María del Monte said… because the artists it is true that we must thank the LGTBI collective, but I cannot question Isabel”. And, as she confessed, Lolita could subscribe to the words of her former friend well that she declares herself heterosexual: “I always thought I would be happy with a woman, but you can’t… I’m straight…” he lamented between two jokes. “I can probably say I’m part of the group because I grew up with them.”

    “I think he did it with his heart, that he wanted to make it clear that he was with them all and even more so now that some very ugly things have been said about the band,” Lolita insisted. , excluding that the singer pronounced these words to provoke the debate: “What she likes least, at least the Isabelle that I have known because I have not treated her for many years, is the controversy and the debates“.

    In this sense, Lolita broke a spear in favor of Isabel, recalling that “she is not living her best moment” and that she is medicated for her depression, as announced by Isa Pi.”You have to have a little mercy because people make mistakes and we make mistakes, but crushing people is enoughWe’ll leave her alone for a while.” Dona Ana’s death This affected him a lot since “what has held Isabel back, with everything that has happened to her, is her mother. And I think Agustín will have to make a double effort to take care of her, pamper her and protect”.

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    Although she herself confessed to having had no contact with Pantoja for years, Lolita admitted that “I still love her. I may be more or less disappointed, but I have great admiration for her as an artist and a lot of love for her. The only thing I want is for her to be happy one day in her life.” A sincere wish that he underlined a few minutes later by dropping the reasons why they no longer speak: “I still have a lot of affection for him even though he didn’t behave like he should or didn’t call me when he was supposed to call me. It’s the same, in life you have to forgive her and let her live. She is 66 years old and you have to let her breathe, that her life gets better, especially her heart and her soul that must be undone.

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