Lidia Torrent explodes on Instagram after being rejected in a professional project for being pregnant

Lidia Torrent is living one of the sweetest moments of her life. The presenter is pregnant with her first daughter with Jaime Astrain. There is very little left for Lidia to finally have little Elsa in her arms, which will surely bring her maximum happiness after her birth. However, the presenter recently experienced an episode of professional discrimination because of her advanced stage of pregnancy. This infuriated the young woman, who reappeared on social networks to expose how women very often find themselves in this type of situation.

The young woman makes the most of her summer. It’s the last summer without Elsa and there’s a lot to celebrate. Your little girl is on her way. It was possible to see the most relaxed presenter in Formentera with her boy. A more than necessary getaway, where she never stopped bragging about her belly in a bikini. However, the happiness was cut short after a company rejected her for a professional project because she was pregnant.

The 28-year-old is outraged, which is why she has been so vocal in criticizing the treatment she has received and making it clear that she is in perfect condition to work on anything she does. Additionally, she made an allegation about how women constantly face job discrimination for getting pregnant.

“The other day I had the opportunity to return to work presenting a company that I feel at home with and I wanted to thank them for having me again, even though I am pregnant. And I say that because, unfortunately, in another case, it was not like that, since already having a closed presentation, they decided to do without me, ”explains the young woman on her Instagram account, in front of her 296,000 followers.

The presenter assures that during the months of pregnancy she did not feel any kind of discomfort, nor did she feel bad. “Being pregnant does not mean being disabled. It is true that there are complicated, risky and stormy pregnancies in which obviously your daily and professional life is affected for obvious reasons. In my case, I am having a good pregnancy, in the that despite feeling nauseated at the beginning, heartburn, heartburn or more fatigue than usual when I stand for a long time, they do not prevent me at all from continuing to function, “reveals the communicator.

“I don’t force the machine, I don’t overwork myself, I listen to my body, I give it what it asks for, I take care of it and I respect it, but I’m very lucky to be able to say that these are sweet months and there are no problems or complications, ”continues to clarify that her pregnancy does not in any way prevent her from carrying out her pregnancy correctly.

Among all the bad things, Lidia also wanted to address all companies that help pregnant women and don’t discriminate. “So I wanted to register this ‘thank you’ to the companies that, counting on us, give us a hand and support us indirectly in this chosen decision to be mothers at the service of our personal life”, says the daughter of ‘Elsa Anka.

The presenter received a lot of love for the social media post. Many famous people have reacted to her, such as the influencer Violeta Mangriñán or her mother. “Proud of you. Brava,” the famous presenter told her daughter. “Say yes!” wrote one user. The post quickly filled with likes and comments of support, as well as women telling their own stories. A courageous gesture which was greatly applauded.

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