La Real reinforce ‘al Kubo’

La Real continues with its revolutionary inertia to stand out in the transfer market. Takefusa Kubo (Kanagawa, Japan, 21) is about to become a new txuri urdin footballer. The map of the upper spheres announced a restless summer, of great agitation, and the campus, in fact, is the object of an intense coming and going of troops.

The operation to bind Take Kubo It took off with no return and will end with the left-handed footballer from Real. The deal comes after the player expressed his preference for Real over other alternatives. Kubo will sign a five-year contract until 2027, as Mundo Deportivo learned. Convinced the Japanese to play at Real, the big goal at Anoeta was for Kubo not to tour the US west coast with Real Madrid this Tuesday 19.

Kubo prepares to go to Donostia. For now, the Japanese must wait because he has had a fever for a few hours, although it has already subsided. He underwent three diagnostic tests and tested negative for covid. Indeed, he trained with Real Madrid alongside his teammates.

The Royal's provisional squad

The Royal’s provisional squad

Hugo Navarre

La Real has been negotiating with the entity for weeks Florentino Perez the signature of Take Kubo. During the official presentation of Brais MendezPresident Aperribay he mentions a possible third reinforcement which bears the name of the Japanese. The pact took shape, until Real achieved their goal of avoiding a transfer, signing the player, despite Real Madrid’s initial strong desire to part ways with the striker on loan. The investment in young Japanese will add to the expenses that Give (11 million) and Pitch (14) must assume the realistic treasure. Kubo He will sign his new contract as soon as he has passed the medical examination with Real, one of the few procedures in progress before the green light.

Controlled by Real Madrid

If nothing goes wrong Kubo will join the formation momentum over the next week. The impending agreement de facto aborts the trip of the Japanese with Madrid to American lands. The great success of Real in this movement is that it is a transfer, keeping the property of the footballer, which leaves aside the succession of missions he has carried out in recent years. There have been four in five seasons; two in Mallorca, one in Villarreal and another in Getafe. In no way has it finished exploding.

Real Madrid’s usual system in this type of operation is to ensure that they control the player, even if they sell him, as in this case. One of the options is the percentage income in a future sale. Or a preferential position to redeem the footballer, at a price very similar to what Real will pay at the Santiago Bernabéu.

La Real followed closely Takefusa Kubo, a southpaw who plays on the right side with a changed leg. In Anoeta, they detected that it was time to undertake the signing, driven by the conviction that the transfer was not interesting. Real Madrid have accepted and the international playmaker with Japan will join an attacking line that underpins their transformation process. They went away port there Januzajthey arrived momo Give there Brais Mendez. The commitment is determined, strong and optimism reigns on the ground floor with the preparation of the template.

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