Jorge Pérez and Alicia Peña Humada welcome their fourth child

  • The ‘Survivors’ winner and his wife have announced the birth of their fourth child

Jorge Perez and Alicia Pena Humada became parents for the fourth time. The winner of ‘survivors‘ and his wife announced that they already have their son in their arms after nine very special months which have now resulted in the most anticipated photo. After almost twelve years of marriage, the couple put the final touch to their beautiful love story with the birth of their little boy who, along with Martina, Mario and Marcos, is the most important thing in their lives.

With the same enthusiasm as if he were the first and eager to continue increasing the photos in their family album, Jorge Pérez and his wife Alicia Peña began a new stage in their lives with a new member who came to turn their world upside down. above, but of which they said that “it is their blessing” and that they already dreamed of having in their arms. The wait has been long, but he is already with them, the winner of the reality show Telecinco wanted to make it known by publishingor the precious moment she met her baby after Alicia gave birth.

“And the LIGHT was made…this day when you arrive with uncertainty, nervousness and excitement…and suddenly a cry gives way to joy, hope, jubilation and emotion… Unforgettable this first “skin to skin” while they finish “preparing” mum… yes, you, Alicia, that Valkyrie has arrived from Valhalla, you have shown (already) countless times how to overcome adversity, to fight for what you believe in , and see life in color in pink, you can when you give your best… THANK YOU for always being there,” he wrote alongside the video he wanted to share on his networks. announcing the news. “The price of my life”, he adds as a hashtag.

Jorge Perez father fourth son

Jorge Pérez presents his fourth sonSocial networks

After announcing with great fanfare that he and his wife were going become “a super-big family” With the arrival of their fourth child in the world, the former Civil Guard and Alicia Peña also made their followers testify to this happy moment, as well as many others that we could see during her pregnancy.

Through a report published exclusively by the magazine ‘Semana’ and shared on social networks by the former Civil Guard himself, the winner of ‘Survivors’ appeared with his wife and three children to give the long-awaited news : “This family is growing. We will become seven (six plus Laika, their pet) and the joy and excitement couldn’t be greater for us.”

With the birth of their fourth child, Jorge Pérez and Alicia Peña were overwhelmed with happiness. They have fulfilled a dream and the only thing they ask of life now is that their little one “be as happy as his brothers and dance life as they know how to do”. During this trip, Martina, Mario and Marcos accompanied them with the most enthusiasm to see their new little brother and they also attended the ultrasounds and were complicit in each novelty that they celebrated with their parents, as when these they specially announced the sex of the baby.

Jorge Pérez and his family introduced their baby on Instagram

Jorge Pérez and his family introduced their baby on Instagram

The ‘Survivors’ winner has yet to reveal her baby’s name

As the ‘Survivors’ winner once said, he wanted keep the family tradition and he followed for his new offspring the example of what he did with his three other children. If for Martina, Mario and Marcos she opted to choose their first names by the initials of “Mar”, for the moment she has not made public the first name of her baby, even if she could follow the trend of the previous ones.

With emotion surfacing after sharing the world’s greatest gift and wishing he could post another photo in which the rest of his family appear with the little one, the ‘Survivors’ winner couldn’t be more ecstatic because everything went well and Alicia and her baby are healthy and are now recovering in hospital.

The whole family lived with great emotion many special moments of pregnancy, such as when together they heard the baby’s heart beat or learned that the new member would be a boy. The truth is that the union they display is as real as the love they exude and which has come to grow a little more (if possible) with the arrival of the little one, his growing tribe.

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