It’s the Apple TV+ movie that reveals the secrets of the company’s future devices

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It may be our thing, but a new generation of technology products seems to be presented by an original Apple production.

The streaming service of American society move forward with lead feetbut with the security of knowing that he is surrounded by the best professionals and that he shows his potential In productions which are offered to their small audience and which you should enjoy in a OLED/QLED TV like the ones we recommended. If you are one of the subscribers service, you must watch the movie who will play in the following lines, and if still you are notyou might be interested to know how Apple sees the future technological.

This is the future shown in the original Apple TV+ movie: Check out Swan Song

If you already know the Apple’s streaming platform you should know that you have beautiful productions at your disposal, both in the form of series television like movies and documentariesat your fingertips. AppleTV+which can be enjoyed free the bone first three months If you buy an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV or Mac, it introduced in late 2021 a production Protagonized by Mahershala Ali there Glenn Close where we unravel special futurebut what does it put on the table questions of deep dramatic chargesuch as the loss of loved ones, the advancement of science or one’s own identity.

However, it’s not the most cinephile part that led us to show you this production, but the technology products which appear there. Since we are talking about a film produced by Apple, it seems reasonable to think that they may have something to do with the design of the technological products that appear in it. Without wanting to untangle the argument too much, they are three the big ones products which are used by the characters of the film, among which we find a autonomous vehiclenail smart lenses which combine a new type of operating system and those wireless headsets the last generation.

The autonomous carwhich looks futuristic in Swan Song, but which we cannot show you because Apple does not allow content capture on its platform, has four seats, one pair in front of the other, and without any sort of conductor. There are a lot of rumors circulating about this vehicle and it would seem that one of the most widespread rumors is that the North American company will not manufacture a car for private use, but rather that it will be part of a subscription service.

Mahershala Ali stars in an intimate sci-fi film for Apple TV+

Mahershala Ali stars in an intimate sci-fi film for Apple TV+. Apple

Regarding the contact lensesit seems that Apple’s concept for augmented and mixed reality would manage to get up in the morning and put on a pair of contact lenses, we can also see the protagonist with some eyeglasses fulfilling the same function and having a operating system which mixes in an interface everything necessary for replace your mobile phone, tablet or computer. The bone wireless headsetsout of curiosity, they would have a much smaller appearance and they would be used almost without the user realizing it with contact lenses.

Both devices with would charge wirelessly on surfaces suitable for this, with the peculiarity that he lens charger has a shape similar to that of a small bowl and that there would be a light mist on glasses so they don’t dry out. These may be technologies we’ll never see, but it’s nice to think that Apple could give us a Track of its following devices and no one had paid any attention to it.

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