Iker Jiménez, devastated after the death of Paloma Navarrete

Difficult times for the team Fourth millenniumwho just a few hours ago experienced the death of Paloma Navarrete, one of the most legendary and beloved collaborators of the program. The devastating news was announced on July 15 by Iker Jiménez, presenter of the format and media partner in the radio show Millennium 3.

At the moment, the causes of his death are unknown, but the truth is that there have been many familiar faces on the small screen who wanted to use their social networks to mourn the sad loss. The first of them was the basque journalist, who on her Twitter profile wrote some moving words that caused a stir among her thousands of followers: “She had no doubts. Life continues after death. For it, Although her departure hurts us after twenty years of shared adventures, we know that Paloma is serene on her way to the light. Thank you for everything. We will miss you very much. And the millennials too”, wrote the communicator.

Paloma’s death was also a blow to the wife of Iker Jimenez, Carmen Porter. Following in her husband’s footsteps, the television channel also used her Twitter account to fire the writer, with whom she shares many years of work and friendship: “Thank you for everything. We will always love you. flying high dove. DEP”, expressed the journalist accompanied by an endearing photo of the two.

And it is that, although Iker and Carmen were closer to the parapsychologist than the rest of their colleagues, many other collaborators of the program also wanted to express their pain at the death of the author, as is the case of Carlos Lago and Diego Maranon. Thus, while the former asserted that I will always remember her for her “closeness” and for her “magnificent sense of humor”, Besides “because of the great affection” with which he always treated everyone, the second stressed “his intuition and his way of drawing the invisible with words”.

Iker Jiménez and Carmen Porter / Gtres
Iker Jiménez and Carmen Porter / Gtres

For his part, Javier Pérez Campos published a photograph with the illustrious writer which he accompanied with the following words: “Dear Paloma, thank you for your light. It was a gift to share with you so many journeys, so many reflections, so many adventures. I know that you will continue to be surprised by everything up there, and that you will make those you meet on your way laugh and delight. He loves you, your knight-errant.

A life dedicated to the paranormal

As it appears on her website, throughout her life Paloma studied psychology, astrology, palmistry, numerology, kabbalah, mythology, “and a bit of anthropology”, which quickly led to the creation of the first Futurology Office in Madrid.

Paloma Navarrete / Twitter
Paloma Navarrete / Twitter

He always showed some interest in the paranormal, but his passion for this field only came after a trip to Guatemala where he received instructions from a shaman who taught him to predict the future. In addition, he boasted of having a special ability to communicate with the afterlife that he had discovered after the death of his great-grandmother, with whom he claimed to have continued to have contact.

His in-depth knowledge of this world has led him to participate in a large number of reports on Fourth millenniumwhere she appeared as one of the main collaborators of the program, and also to intervene in other spaces presented by Jiménez del Oso, Jesús Hermida and José María Íñigo, among others.

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