“I wish they had become like me”

Rocio Carrasco left no one indifferent with the fifth episode of his second docuseries, In the name of Rocio. As its title suggests, Never forget that I am Ortega Canothe daughter of sworn dew He spoke about his mother’s husband and, how could it be otherwise, about his brothers Gloria Camila and Jose Fernando.

As Carrasco explains, since the marriage between the two has been consolidated, the relationship between them has caused the singer’s discontent, reaching the point of wanting to separate from the bullfighter. “ANDIlla decides one day that he can’t take it anymore and who wants to separate and he knew it”, confirmed his daughter. The intention of the artist was in the “situations” which should never have occurred between the two, and which did “harm” to the “greatest”. José didn’t know how to value the woman he had.”

During the first years of marriage, the couple was repeatedly asked about their intention to be parents, to which the bullfighter was very supportive. “I don’t know if my mother wanted to give Ortega the pleasure of being a father,” the docuseries protagonist commented, to which she added that his mother I had already “covered” the need to be a mother, with her. “It’s because of what she feels towards José, because of what she loved him, because of what she wanted to make possible this dream he had of being a father. So they adopted.” In the same way, the daughter of Pedro Carrasco assures that on many occasions Ortega himself recriminated to the singer of her age. “He was using it as a throwing weapon against her.”

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Similarly, Rocío Carrasco, visibly touched, harshly criticizes Ortega Cano’s intervention on television a few years ago, when she revealed that Rocío Jurado had become pregnant (information that would occupy the cover of a magazine exclusively ), but unfortunately suffered a Abortion. “I don’t know if she had an abortion or not, she never told me, she knew she was undergoing fertility treatments. But if it had been true, Where does the information to prepare a cover come from?“.

After the arrival of Gloria Camila and José Fernando, Carrasco claims to see his mother very happy. “They were two very beautiful little ones,” he commented. “The feeling I had towards them was more like sons than brothers.” But without a doubt, one of the great revelations that Rocío utters was the possibility of separation if the little ones had not been adopted. “If my mother hadn’t adopted the two children, she would have separated long ago.“.

Minutes later, certain alleged statements Ortega allegedly made to several reporters about how they wanted their children’s education set Carrasco on fire on the docuseries set. “It seems scandalous to me that it is said that they are going to educate the children with a lot of discipline so that the case of Rociíto does not repeat itself. Well, for having educated them with so much discipline, God would have wanted it to happen like Rociíto“.

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