How to connect your PC to play on TV in 3 easy steps

If you have a new 4K TV with high resolution series and movies, let us tell you that now you can also do it by playing your favorite video games from your PC. Or what amounts to the same? play on your TV from your PC by connecting the two devices, and all in a simple and accessible way.

Comfortably play your PC games on your TV

How to do it? If you have a modern TV, you already know the charms of Ultra HD content, for example, with many more pixels than the previous Full HD standard. You might already be a 4K gamer, as there are consoles like the Xbox One X that are capable of native 4K output for Xbox One games, while the PS4 Pro is capable of stepping up to something similar.

For this reason, and to do it in a more defined way and that the much more immersive experiencetoday we are going to discover how to connect your latest generation television to your latest model (or previous, of course) of PC gamer, to play our favorite tracks at home.

This, as such, can be very useful when you want to do it on your tv but the one you only saved on your computer, or also if you want to gather your friends on the couch at home and show them how much you can do with this new game that is offered to you.

so you can do it

Although dedicated monitors give us advantages such as high update rates or low refresh rates, more and more gamers are opting for the comfort and size which allows you to play on your larger screens, which is why connecting the PC to the TV is a more than practical alternative.

However, one of the biggest and most recurring problems is that our computers are often in a different room, and far enough away that we can’t (or want to) use a computer. hdmi cable, which can be the most frequent (it would be enough to connect the PC to the TV in their respective ports, then press the WINDOWS + P keys). But there are other ways to do it.

play pc tv home

Stream it over WiFi

There are two requirements to transmit movies, series or games via WiFi to your TV from your PC or laptop without cables, although we must meet these two conditions:

  • Television with SmartTV connected to the network by WiFi or Ethernet cable.
  • Windows 10 PC connected to Wi-Fi network or Ethernet cable.

To do this, we will first make sure that we have file sharing enabled on your computer.

  1. We start on the PC, we click on the File Explorer folder then on the window that opens, at the bottom left of the Network.
  2. In the network window, above, we should get a message asking if we want this computer to connect to the local network to share files, we click and accept.
  3. A message will automatically appear on our television telling us if we want to authorize a device to connect, we click on authorize and we will see that what has been transmitted on the PC is now broadcast on our television.

You can also project it on the screen

Another very practical alternative (in case we do not want it or we can do it through an HDMI cable) apart from WiFi transmission, is that which concerns screen projection. Or what amounts to the same? that the game being viewed on the PC goes directly to the TV via the Windows configurator.

To do this, on our Windows computer, we can press the key combination Windows+P to immediately open the display settings. There we will find the following parameters:

  • Duplicate: This is the screen mirroring function. Through it, it reproduces the screen of our computer on the television. It is especially used for giving presentations, where you also need the computer screen in front of you.
  • Enlarge: This function allows us to use the TV as a secondary screen, in addition to the computer screen. Here you can drag windows from one screen to another. It can be of great help to us when we work with several applications side by side.
  • only second screen: This allows us to use the TV as the only screen, since the computer screen is off while we are using this mode.

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