How to change your business address on Google Maps

If your company or business moves and changes address, this is the way to reflect the change on Google Maps.

How to change your business address on Google Maps

Who owns a business or business wants visibility, and one of the tasks that must be done beforehand is to register it on Google Maps. In this way, anyone who uses this application, you can find our company. Think of the many times you’ve found a restaurant while traveling using Google Maps.

If for any reason you have changed location, You will need to mirror it on Google Maps. Some people forget to do this, and if someone wants to visit your business AND arrives at the wrong address, not only will they be disappointed, but they may stop trying to find you. It’s that easy to change the address on Google Maps if you’ve moved.

The Google Maps application is mainly used, since offers high reliability. But not only that, it was recently discovered that he is hiding youn very curious easter egg, Do you dare to find out?

How to change your business address on Google Maps

Its realization is a process that does not require many complications, you will only have to have your Google credentials handy, the ones you used to register your business and complete the following steps.

  • First, open Google Maps and make sure you are using the correct account. Sometimes errors occur because we use one for our business and one personal, Therefore, be very clear about what it is.
  • You will see 3 horizontal stripes next to the search field, click on it. Then go to “Your sites”.
Screenshot of Google Maps

These 3 bands give access to the Google Maps options

  • Click on “Labeled”, and the address you have registered in your company or business will appear.
Screenshot of Google Maps

In “Tagged” you can make the change you want.

  • If you click on the business address, you will have the option to edit. To do this, write the new address in the search field and press Save.
Screenshot of Google Maps

Put your new business address on Google Maps.

You already have it, you don’t have to do anything else. The address of your company or business will have been updated and soon it will appear correctly on Google Maps. This ensures that you won’t lose any customers.

Why Update Your Business Address on Google Maps

If you don’t want to lose customers or give them a bad impression of your business, you’ll need to change the Google Maps address if you’ve moved to another location. Google Maps is used by more and more people, therefore, it is of the utmost importance that the address is updated correctly. Think that, anyone who goes looking for a service like the one you provide and cannot find you, I’ll look for it elsewhere.

But it is also a question of image, if our business or company does not have the up-to-date address on Google Maps, we project an image of negligence that does not suit us.

Now that you know the way change your business address on Google Maps, you have no excuse not to. The time used in the whole process does not exceed two minutes, and you will have already internalized it to do it as many times as necessary. Don’t let nobody leave you one negative review on google maps not to have found you.

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