How a Fake Job Interview Scammed Axie Infinity out of $540 Million

A Sky Mavis engineer received an extremely generous job offer, and the PDF of that offer concealed the malware that infected the company and stole $540 million from Axie Infinity.

How a Fake Job Interview Scammed Axie Infinity out of $540 Million

At the time, Axie Infinity was one of the fastest growing games on the Android scenesince the title of Sky Mavis us promised to earn cryptocurrencies while we were raising and we trained our children ‘Axis’ in a way similar to Pokémonbut using technology block chain about Ethereum.

Then we learned that some industry experts they were already compared to a pyramid schemeand shortly after hackers stole $540 million from Axie Infinity deceive one of his former employees with a fraudulent job offer on LinkedIn.

Axie Infinity could be a pyramid scheme

Is it profitable and safe to invest and play at Axie Infinity or is it a form of pyramid scheme?

As our colleagues told us pirate news following the trail of a report by The block citing sources close to Sky Mavis, apparently the To hack suffered in the Ronin Network by Axie Infinity was possible thanks to the deception suffered by one of its former employees, a senior engineer, who malware disguised as a PDF was downloaded after signing up for a job posting of a non-existent company on LinkedIn.

Sources say that in fact, the Sky engineer Mavis was immersed in several rounds of interviews before being offered a fictitious job with extremely generous remuneration, which was passed on to him in an offer document disguised as a PDF but containing the malware with which they then accessed the corporate network.

This is what the development company itself publishes to explain the subject:

Sky Mavis employees constantly experience advanced phishing attacks on various social channels and one employee has been compromised. This employee no longer works at Sky Mavis, but the attacker was able to take advantage of this access to break into Sky Mavis’ IT infrastructure and access validation nodes.

Axie Infinity: earn cryptocurrencies with this game similar to Pokémon

During To hack at Ronin Bridge from Axie Infinity end of March 2022, hackers succeeded in stealing more than 540 million dollars in one of the biggest attacks in the crypto industry remembered in recent times.

Let us recall that in April 2022 and a few weeks after the attack, the American Department of the Treasury directly involved the North Korean group Lazarusdenouncing the story of continued attacks by this group on the cryptocurrency industry raise funds for his government.

As of today, Ronin’s Ethereum Bridge Now Restoredalthough it is now suspected that this same group of the Pirates North Koreans may be lagging behind Another $100 Million Crypto Heist of the Harmony Horizon Bridge.

Be very careful, especially with corporate devices, as social engineering attacks are increasingly difficult to detect and can make it easier for malicious users to gain access to our computers and corporate network.

Anyway, and at this point, it’s worth remembering that you have to be very careful about what you do on the internetthe links and files you open and to whom you give your personal information, since social engineering attacks are getting more and more sophisticated and difficult to detect, being also one of the most dangerous.

Not in vain, fake job ads exploded lately as a perfect lure, also allowing the the Pirates relatively easy access to the internal systems of countless international companies simply by fooling one of the hundreds of thousands of workers at one of the biggest companies on the planet.

Be very careful, especially if you use professional devices beyond strictly professional stakes!

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