Here is Rubén Nogueira, the window dresser with whom Boris Izaguirre has been in a relationship for 30 years

It’s a round number. And long in what a life means. It is perhaps the greatest proof of love, that it continues strong and without signs of expiration. in a relationship that this year 2022 will be 30 years old. As soon as you land in Spain: a new home and a relationship forever. You just have to think that Boris Izaguirrewhen he began to stand out and become known in our country thanks to the fact that the Telecinco network of the 90s broadcast late in the day, from Monday to Thursday, the mythical Martian Chronicles, She was already dating Rubén Nogueira, her husband. Both are more than proud of this passion they maintain on social networks, although we know less about the life of this window dresser.

This is perhaps one of the keys to the success of their relationship: to have stayed away from the spotlight, out of the media library, leaving all the prominence of their love in the eyes of others to the 56-year-old Venezuelan journalist and writer. . “That I am more discreet than one can imagine and that I know how to keep secrets like no one else”, Izaguirre assured the newspaper The country on the occasion of his marriage, of which he himself did not know when it was celebrated. when you visited the show my house is yoursBoris recalled a phrase his then girlfriend said to him shortly after they met: “Boris, you want to be famous, it shows. I don’t, I don’t need this, never include me in the picture.”

Because although Rubén is not used to appearing in front of the cameras, he has filled Boris’ life with surprises: in this same report, we discovered that the creator “He did not inform his companion of the date of his own wedding until the day before celebrating it.” But before getting there, you have to know how he and the one who was a finalist in the fourth edition of Masterchef celebrity 4 (after staying at the gates the previous season, being the only socialite socialite who has participated on several occasions).

Izaguirre, son of the director of the Venezuelan Cinematheque and ballet dancer, He arrived in Spain on March 21, 1992 to work as a screenwriter adapting a novel. He did it in Santiago de Compostela, a city to which he has a special affection because three months later, she meets a man from Vigo whom she will fall in love with: Rubén. A love at first sight that will go further for a few years, during which they will still live in the Galician capital before settling in Madrid. Today both live in an impressive house in the Salamanca district, an apartment of more than 200 square meters which has been decorated precisely by Nogueira considering his profession.

Indeed, Boris said that her husband was just as elegant as him but taller, to which it must be added that He is passionate about Mexican culture and lead a totally healthy life. In fact, Rubén Nogueira and one of his best friends, Isabelle Preysler, have the same breakfast: green juice with lemon, to which the designer adds some beans.

After just over fourteen years of relationship and barely six months after the legalization of same-sex marriage in Spain, Boris Izaguirre and Rubén Nogueira were getting married in Barcelona. It was in 2006 and they did it in a civil ceremony attended by four people apart from them: the witnesses, the journalist Gemma Nierga on behalf of Boris and, on behalf of Rubén, his great friend Sindo Varela and two friends, Ángeles Blanco from Vigo and Daniela Meneses from Caracas.

They wore, as tradition dictates, a suit and tie, adding Rubén to his see a hat as a tribute to his grandfather. Boris had bought the shoes on the go, in Bel, “where the King makes his costumes”, he confessed The country, as well as a shirt in Carolina Herrera. Roca wedding rings, “the most bourgeois jewelry in Barcelona”.

Rubén gave him a plant so he could start caring for it and, if he did well, the animal would come later. And maybe, later, a baby. “Rubén says you have to take it step by step, because since I’m so self-centered and full of myself, I have to learn to love others first. Later, if he doesn’t catch up with us at 50, we’ll think about adopting,” added to the aforementioned support.

That didn’t happen, but no one can doubt at this point that they were meant for each other. Despite the times when they lived apart for professional reasons (Izaguirre moved to Miami for various commitments), their love has not only stood the test of time, but Boris summed it up very well there. a few weeks on the program Let yourself be loved“My husband has gone from husband to saint. I’m still very much in love with my husband and I’m very much in love with the saint he is now. I see him so beautiful and so divine. I was very troglodyte with my husband. It has strengthened us a lot and I like Rubén a lot.”

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