Get Rid of Barcode Wrinkles With These Treatments

They say 40 is the new 30, except for vertical wrinkles that appear around the lips. It is from this age that the so-called “bar code” begins to appear; that is to say that the wrinkles remain marked when released and when you reach 50, if you have not applied a solution, they become much deeper. They arrive late, but no one gets rid of them, and the sun, like tobacco, accelerates the aging process of the skin in this area. Fortunately, aesthetic medicine has specific solutions to prevent and combat them. Several experts discover them for us.

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We spoke with The Beauty Concept and at this wellness and beauty center they offer several treatments. Two of them are with devices, Accent Prime “which combines radio frequency and ultrasound to generate new collagen and latin” and the other is Remodeling “developed by Biologique Recherche which uses different types of currents to recover volume and eliminate small wrinkles.

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In aesthetic medicine, at TBC we are committed to filling with “soft hyaluronic acid so that it adapts to the area and does not project, thus avoiding the duck mouth effect”.

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Sometimes this treatment with hyaluronic acid is associated with others such as mesobotox which “consists of infiltrating small concentrations of botulinum toxin at the level of the orbicularis of the lips to gently reduce its action.

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FEMM’s aesthetic doctor, Elena Moreno, bets on the PLEXR laser for “patients who have very marked wrinkles in the resting area and who would not do well with hyaluronic acid filler treatment, since it would take give them volume in the area to reduce these wrinkles, producing the dreaded ‘duck mouth'”.

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The PLEXR laser is a plasma laser that uses heat to produce a “controlled burn” with each shot. The doctor explains that during the session, which lasts about 30 minutes, she performs a series of “burns” on the skin on both sides of the barcode wrinkles “to obtain dermal biostimulation and, thus, the tissue retracts to hide ride as much as possible.

Banish “barcoded” wrinkles forever with these treatments
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At the end, you can see small pinhead-sized “burns” “that last an average of 7-10 days,” says Dr. Moreno, adding that the result is “smoother skin, reaching significant reduction in wrinkles”. without giving volume. It lasts about three years.

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