Gema Aldón reveals in ‘Let yourself be loved’ the reason for his last breakup with Gloria Camila: “My mother hurts me”

Gema Aldón wanted to surprise her mother by shouting to her from the rooftops that she was planning to get her out of the hole in which she is stuck after her crisis with José Ortega Cano and spoke like never before about her relationship with her in-laws

Aldon gem took another step forward for his mother, Ana Maria Aldon. The creator’s daughter sat down on a TV set and did it for her mother, to cheer her on at the worst moment after she hit rock bottom due to her meltdown with José Ortega Cano. Ana María, very sincere, admitted that settling the situation with Gloria Camila “is difficult”. “Everything is not known, you can’t throw the ordago at me because I’m not alone. There are things I don’t know, and that’s it!” Said the creator in his interview in ‘Let yourself be loved’ with Toñi MorenThat is. What was not expected is that it was his daughter who wanted to surprise him and who also spoke. And a lot.

“I’m here to lift her up. When I see her and she’s with me, I see her happy, but I think she’s not happy with the life she has,” Gema Aldón said. Ana María Aldón’s daughter lived in her mother’s family home with José Ortega Cano but returned to Sanlúcar. Much has been said about whether his mother’s poor relationship with his new family might have influenced: “I left this house because I needed to be with my family, with my grandmother, in Sanlúcar”.

Gema Aldón ha sido muy sincera en lo que a su vida en casa de Ortega Cano refiere: “Cuando he vivido allí me he sentido una más, es verdad que voy a lo mío, pero yo no me he sentido desplazada. También he estado with my mother”. Toñi Moreno asked him about his relationship with Gloria Camila and Ana María’s daughter did not remain silent: “At the moment there is no relationship, the times we saw each other ‘hello and bye’. There are things and attitudes that I didn’t like and I decided to walk away. With me he didn’t have a bad attitude because I cut fast, but I don’t like a lot of attitudes with my mother. The gestures, the looks… These are not insults. I think my mother is worth much more than how she is valued. That’s what I feel,” said the young woman.

Aldon gem

Gema Aldón on the set of ‘Let yourself be loved’.


Gema Aldón was honest with Toñi Moreno after being silent for a long time and added: “Yes, I wrote a message to Gloria Camila. I am a person, she is my mother, and it hurts me. These are many things. I messaged him and got no response and he blocked me.”

He also spoke about José Ortega Cano. “Our relationship has always been one of respect and affection, he is my brother’s father and he has all the respect in the world. For me, my brother is the most beautiful thing I have with my daughter. I can’t say anything bad about my brother’s father,” said Gema Aldón.

Aldon gem

Gema Aldón surprises her mother, Ana María Aldón, in “Let yourself be loved”.


Ana María’s daughter sent a message to her mother with a devastating blow to those who have hurt her so much over the years: “My mother is worth so much, you are a woman flag bearer. You have your family here , your family. In the good times but especially in the bad, we are always for you and me more than anyone. Thank you for all the values ​​that you transmitted to me because I instill them in my daughter. Let the world know. Your family… Your family is with you and we’re going to get through this together because I’m going to help you.”

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