European airlines cancel nearly 16,000 scheduled flights in August

The collapse of the largest European airports caused the cancellation of 2% of the flights that European airlines had scheduled for next August, a total of 15,788, according to a report prepared by the consulting firm Cirium.

El estudio no detalla los países más afectados pero en Europa, “los aeropuertos más afectados serán los del Reino Unido, los Países Bajos y Alemania, mientras que en España la incidencia será muy limitada”, aseguran fuentes consulted de la Asociación de Líneas Aéreas ( WING). The employers assure that the cancellation of the flights is explained by the lack of personnel in the main airports of the continent. In the UK, airport authorities at Heathrow and Gatwick have forced to limit the entry of daily passengers on the same line as the Dutch airport of Schiphol. In Germany, Lufthansa has canceled hundreds of flights to Munich and Frankfurt due to staff issues when checking in for flights.

European airlines cancel nearly 16,000 scheduled flights in August

LV_Ryanair and EasyJet workers demonstrate in El Prat

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Staff shortages in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands the main cause of cancellations

“These airports have failed to adapt to the rapid resumption of travel after the pandemic halted. They have laid off security and support staff and are now having difficulty finding and training them. On the other hand, in Spain, the mechanism of temporary dismissals of the ERTE made it possible to save the season”, specify these sources.

By airlines, the consultant’s report assures that Turkish Airlines is the company with the highest number of cancellations in Europe, with 4,408 flights, half of them in Istanbul and a quarter in Russia. British Airways follows with 3,600 cancellations, Easyjet (2,045), Lufthansa (1,888) and Wizz Air (1,256).


Appearance of Terminal 2 at El Prat-Barcelona airport last Tuesday

Marta Perez / EFE

In Spain, the impact of cancellations will be minimal but its airports are not free of conflicts. Since the end of last month, major airports have had to deal with strikes by Ryanair and Easyjet crews, who demand an improvement in working conditions. Yesterday the strikes of employees of the two companies coincided, called by the USO and Sitcpla unions.

In line with previous strike days, the impact was limited. At Ryanair, 22 flights were canceled and 187 delays were recorded, just 1% of the total. For the week as a whole, canceled flights totaled 60 and delays 867.

The unions have deplored the lack of predisposition of companies

The worst affected airports yesterday were, once again, Barcelona – with seven cancellations and 28 delays – Palma and Madrid. At Easyjet, the impact was even less. Cancellations affected eight flights and delays to 55 trips. Barcelona and Palma were again the most affected airports.

Unions have lamented companies’ reluctance to sit down to negotiate with workers. In addition, the USO has been denouncing for days the reprisals of Ryanair against the mobilized employees. According to the union, the company wrongfully dismissed a dozen crew members at different bases in the country.

If nothing changes new strikes are planned at Ryanair on July 18, 19, 20, 21, 25, 26, 27 and 28 and at Easyjet on July 17, 29, 30 and 31.

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