Eating cereal at night? These are your adjustment options

The cena It is one of the most underestimated foods and to which we pay the least attention, probably due to the fatigue accumulated throughout the day. The fast track for many is cereal with milk, but that might not be the best option for your dinner in the case you’re looking for. slim down or just control your weight.

the place Health line recommended do not abuse this type of food because they can be extra food that the body does not need, which results in a excess calorieswhich become fat reserves, and over days and habits, it will make you gain ballast.

Various cereals suitable for the night

On the other hand, a study conducted by researchers at Wayne State University in Detroit, points out that if you eat cereal 90 minutes before bed, it can help control weight, as long as they are whole grain but if they are from the canned commercials what will you do filling you up with sugar.

If you don’t have whole grains, you can also eat rolled oats, which are a great source of fiber and melatonin, which can help you sleep better. Basically, these are some of the healthy cereals that we can include in our dietalso at night:


If for some it is a great discovery, for many others it is still a great unknown. The oatmeal They are convenient, delicious and very nutritious. Its health benefits are countless. Among them, it controls blood pressure, regulates intestinal transit and reduces “bad” cholesterol (LDL).

  • One of the most common ways to take it is to make porridge for breakfast. You can add banana, apple, raisins and sprinkle some cinnamon. It will enchant you.


Some studies have shown the effectiveness of taking two or three slices of rye bread to reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

  • Its flour goes wonderfully with that of other cereals, and constitutes a very tasty base for the preparation of biscuits, biscuits, pancakes…


It is a variety of wheat whose consumption has been growing steadily for some time. And it is that studies proliferate that assure that its contribution is linked to significant health benefits such as reducing cardiovascular risks or strengthening the immune system.

  • Although it is lower in gluten than the wheats normally used to make bread, spelled is a forbidden food for celiacs.

In summary, some options for those who want to have cereal in the evening but without exceeding sugar consumption.

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