Dr. Begoña Obensa responds to Heraldo.es readers

Cellulite and flaccidity, accumulated fat, wrinkles and marks on the face are some of the problems that most concern Heraldo.es readers when it comes to aesthetic medicine. For this reason, Dr. Begoña Obensa, Medical Director of the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic of Zaragoza Boclinic, resolves the doubts that have crossed the medical office. For a more accurate diagnosis, the doctor recommends a visit to a specialist.

Cellulite and flaccidity

Reader question: How can I eliminate cellulite and flaccidity that occurs in the arms with menopause?

Doctor’s response: The inner side of the arms is one of the most vulnerable areas where the aging process is manifested by the gradual appearance of hypotonia or flaccidity and the accumulation of fatty deposits. In Boclinicafter an individualized medical diagnosis, to fight against these effects we recommend:

  1. tension wires: When sagging is moderate, the tension threads help pick up that sagging in the area. They also stimulate fibroblast activity to increase collagen and elastin levels. The maximum effect is observed at 4-6 months.
  2. So-called “collagen inducers”: substances such as calcium hydroxyapatite which will promote the formation of new elastic fibers in the treated area.
  3. Mesotherapy with Silicium: They bring firmness to the arm area.
  4. For cases where we need to treat fatty deposits and/or orange peel skin on the arms, we will do so with a specific anti-cellulite Mesotherapy with lipolytic and draining active ingredients.

We combine all these treatments with the use of advanced and sufficiently contrasting technologies in the treatment of flaccidity, such as Radio frequencyamong others.

Reader question: Is there a way to visibly eliminate or reduce cellulite on the legs and buttocks?

Doctor’s response: At Boclinic, to fight against cellulite, we recommend the Mesotherapy with anti-cellulite active ingredients associated with Carboxiterpywhich is CO2 infiltration at the subcutaneous level, and/or treatment with VelaFormewhich combines radiofrequency and infrared with the vacuum effect, depending on the case.

Wrinkles and crow’s feet

Reader question: I have wrinkles on my forehead, between my eyebrows and crow’s feet. The only way to remove them is with botox?

Doctor’s response: Wrinkles on the forehead and between the eyebrows and crow’s feet are what we call dynamic wrinkles because they occur as a result of facial muscle movements produced on the skin. The first option is usually the application of the toxin which provides relaxation of the muscles of this area which intervenes in facial mimicry.

If these wrinkles were already very formed, manifesting themselves visibly in static, they should be treated with hyaluronic acid.

Fat on the knees

Reader question: How can you reduce the fat on your knees? What procedure without surgery exists?

The most proven non-surgical procedure for reducing excess fat in the knees involves direct infiltration into the area with lipolytic substances that help eliminate accumulated fat, which can be combined with carboxytherapy due to its ability to improve microcirculation and its lipolytic effect.


Reader question: I have melasma on my face. Can I use lasers to remove facial hair?

Doctor’s response: In principle, yes, but this must be assessed by the doctor beforehand.

acne marks

Reader question: Hello, can facial scars be removed with a laser? These are acne scars, which I got from touching and scratching the scabs. Thanks.

Doctor’s response: At Boclinic, to eliminate acne scars, we recommend the Microneedling with DermaPen. This treatment consists of cutaneous micro-punctures which stimulate the fibroblasts and allow the transdermal penetration of active ingredients for skin regeneration. It is a technique with minimal side effects and high efficiency, with little difference in results with more aggressive techniques. The application of Microneedling, in combination with treatment with Skinboosters Helps improve skin structure.

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