Christian Gálvez sells the chalet in which he lived with Almudena Cid to a renowned athlete

Nothing remains of the idyllic relationship between Christian Gálvez and Almudena Cid for fifteen years, only memories. At the end of last year, the media separation of Christian Gálvez and Almudena Cid came to light, a split that has given countless headlines to the gossip press in Spain. However, in recent months, a link still linked the former gymnast to the television presenter: the house of Boadilla del Monte in which they both lived. Now Gálvez has let go of the past and managed to sell the property to a renowned former NBA player, according to the portal. Informal.

The rupture gave way to a spiral of headlines and reproaches between the two camps, in particular from the entourage of the two concerned. The family of the now actress was very disappointed with the behavior of the presenter of High tension. On your side, the writer began a relationship with Patricia Pardoone of the presenters of The Ana Rosa program, while Almudena insisted the breakup helped her get to know herself. From now on, there is no longer any link that unites the two protagonists of this story.

Gálvez with his ex-wife, Almudena Cid

Christian Gálvez with his ex-wife, Almudena Cid

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As indicated Informal, the chalet that saw the love between Gálvez and Cid blossom, now belongs to the current president of the Spanish Basketball Federation, Jorge Garbajosa. The former Unicaja, Real Madrid and Toronto Raptors player, among others, bought the presenter’s house. The house belonged to Gálvez, since he had bought it long before he married Cid. So, after the breakup, the former gymnast could be seen moving to a new home and leaving the house in charge of Gálvez. Although the property belonged to the presenter, the media reports that the decoration was carried out by Almudena and it was she who spent the most time reforming their house.

Although the aforementioned outlet was able to find out that the presenter managed to sell the property, they were unable to find out the exact price the former basketball player paid for the property. However, after consultation with some industry experts, it was estimated that the figure would be around one and a half million euros. It could not be otherwise, since the villa is located in an exclusive area of ​​Boadilla del Monte where other well-known faces live, such as Thibaut Courtois, Lucas Hernández or Diego Costa.

Almudena Cid and Christian Gálvez have separated

Almudena Cid and Christian Gálvez before their separation

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This spacious and beautiful chalet has 600 square meters spread over two floors, in addition to the basement, the garden and the private swimming pool. Much of the house can be seen on Almudena Cid’s Instagram profile, as during the coronavirus pandemic she has shared many images exercising or spending time in her favorite corners of the house.

The popular presenter ends this stage of his life. Gálvez is now living a new stage, in which he enjoys his relationship with Patricia Pardo. The famous presenter lives in the neighborhood of Las Tablas, in Madrid, an area which could be the ideal place for the couple to establish their love nest. Little is known about the couple’s plans, but the two are surely excited to take baby steps in their relationship. Now there are no more memories in Gálvez’s cabin that could influence them.

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