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With prices much higher than those of their non-pedal-assist namesakes, choosing an e-bike is a tricky exercise in precision for most buyers, to say the least, since the type of “e-bike” one needs depending on of type of use which will be returned to the bike. Cannondale broke new ground with the Moterra Neo EQsince it is a electric bike “all suspension” which is by no means as radical as usual in models that use this suspension scheme.

Proof of this is its geometry which, revised according to the conventional Moterra Neo, offers a comfortable riding position, allowing you to spend long periods of time pedaling. Based on this, and as demonstrated by the gallery with which Cannondale revealed the Moterra Neo EQ, it also seems a suitable model for cycling.

The brand itself says that the Moterra Neo EQ It is a bike designed both for commuting (daily commuting) and for fun on trails and routes, and although its double suspension offers a travel of 130 millimeters, the brand announces that thanks to a configuration where adaptability has prevailed, it is a solution that is more comfortable than sporty. The front fork is a RockShox 35 Silver R and the center shock is a RockShox Deluxe Select DebonAir.

Cannondale Moterra Neo EQ3
The Cannondale Moterra Neo EQ is one of the most versatile e-bikes on the market.

As always in electric bicycles, the pedal assistance system is of particular interest and, in this case, it stands out for the capacity of its battery, which is of course removable. This is the CX Performance Line system from the Bosch specialist, which offers 750 Wh of capacity for the occasion, which should be enough to accomplish full days of use, even over long distances. Indeed, the brand promises up to 175 kilometers of autonomy.

As is standard at Bosch, the Cx Performance Line incorporates an electric motor in the center of the geometry. This is limited to the maximum power allowed in Europe, 250 W, while in terms of torque it is allowed to reach up to 85 Nm. The maximum speed up to which the cyclist will be assisted will be 25 kilometers per hour.

Cannondale Moterra Neo EQ2
The Cannondale Moterra Neo EQ is available in ‘Agave’ (green) and Pearl Black colors.

Although aesthetically and due to its dual suspension scheme, the first impression the Moterra Neo EQ may give is that it is a sporty electric mountain bike, several aspects indicate that it is not all made of a bike of this type. Elements such as the fenders, the LED headlight, the rear position and brake light, the luggage rack on the rear wheel and a kickstand to park it clearly suggest that this is a model that seeks above all to be comfortable and practical.

Such a display of technology and components comes at a price, however. The Cannondale Moterra Neo EQ is now available on the firm’s Spanish site, and announces a price of 6,199 euros.

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