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Legends also cry. Tiger Woods crossed the famous Swilcan stone bridge which spans the 18th hole at Saint Andrews, removing his cap in gratitude and tears flowing as the stands next to the Old Course clubhouse rose to bid farewell to the myth. It was the farewell, perhaps definitive, of a historic field to an immortal player, the athlete who has most revolutionized a sport. Tiger walked away after missing the cut with nine over par, defeated by its dented bodywork. Even a flat course like that of the Scottish temple did not allow him to be uncompetitive, a circumstance which casts a large shadow over his future at 46 years old. If you can’t stand a walk on the beach, how do you handle the big names like the Masters and the US Open?

The man who moved like a steel robot in the field wiped his eyes before his last blow. Today, he is idling, in pain, as if saving every drop of gasoline. “And you should see him when he’s training and he doesn’t have to look good in front of people,” says Jon Rahm. Saint Andrews did not even grant him that bird which looked like his in 18. He swore he’d compete until he was knocked down So that was it. The right leg which was destroyed in a traffic accident 15 months ago, today a stick of muscles and screws, does not withstand the displacement required by high competition. He never had a choice. When he failed putt for bird on the par five of the 5, Woods doubled over himself. He knew he was beaten and until the finish line he received the affection of the public. “The applause was very moving,” Tiger said. “I’ve been coming here since 1995 and I don’t know if I’ll be physically fit to come back. I feel like this may be my last British Open at St Andrews.” The great of the islands will not return to the home of golf until 2030. Woods will be 54 by then.

The cry of the Tiger marked a second day which hoisted the Australian Cameron Smith in the lead with -13 (-8 in the round). Their Eagle on the 14th hole nearly 20 yards was a work of art. With -11 Cameron Young trips, with -10 Rory McIlroy and Viktor Hovland, with -9 Dustin Johnson, with -8 Scottie Scheffler and Tyrrell Hatton… A dance of giants. Jon Rahm and Sergio Garcia’s injuries healed quickly. The Basque posted a -5 card on the day for -4 overall and the Castellón native transformed with a -6 that took him to -3 overall.

Rahm’s change was tricky. Exactly half a degree, which varied its putter from Thursday’s turn to that of this Friday. “I had put another one in play with half a degree more because according to statistics and studies, here it helped the ball roll more. When the day was over, I sent it to the box office and it stays there,” Rahm explained of this new tool he had practiced with but never played an official trick on.

With the new toy, the world number three has found the sensations of always. The first chance he had, he sent the ball into the net. birdie at the first hole with a firm and fast stroke, without a shadow of a doubt, bird in the second, options to cut in the next two and another discounted shot in hole 5. With a sigh, Barrika’s man was another. Three bites in five steps and one putt for Eagle in the 9 that didn’t go in but placed it four down in the round when it stepped on the equator. Others stayed along the way almost in the 12th and 13th he filled the par five of the 14th and in the home stretch he celebrated two strategic successes. First a putt seven and a half meters at 16 to rescue the couple, then another of similar distance at 18 to lower the blind with a bird and seven Putting needy less than Thursday (36-29). “Those two shots give me a lot of encouragement. If anything happens this weekend, we’ll talk about putt from 16. I had a great time. Of tee a green It was a great day, ”analyzed Rahm.

Pau Gasol and Sergio García, this Friday in Saint Andrews.
Pau Gasol and Sergio García, this Friday in Saint Andrews.

And for the transformation, that of Sergio García. The castellonense affirmed Thursday, after a triple bogey in 17, that the next day he would complete the 18 holes in a public office and returned home. Garcia denied Garcia. With a festival of success, El Niño closed a beautiful day (-6) which had its ecstasy in a Eagle 12 yards on the 9th hole, and didn’t get a better score because of a bogey in 17 and a couple who had little taste in 18. A better night than the previous one awaited him, when he could only sleep “three short hours” thinking about the match. Golf can be psychological torture because there is no greater rival than yourself. “There are good times and times when I see things more difficult and I find it difficult to concentrate on what I want to do. I manage my emotions less well than I would like on the pitch. S ‘he is not feeling right conduct, the game is collapsing,” staggered the player. “I’m on it,” he replied to find out if he was working that mental part in any particular way.

The chip change served him for those 66 shots which are his third-best round in a major. Witness was Pau Gasol, amazed by the majesty of the pitch. The NBA double ring has already traveled to the Augusta Masters in April. In Saint Andrews, he was able to admire another museum.

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