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The Swiss manufacturer BMC three years ago I smelled her first electric bike, the Alpenchallenge AMP, a gravel type adaptation supported by a powerful and quite heavy Shimano battery and motor. It has now introduced its first high-performance electric road bike based on the geometry and setup of the conventional road machine, and which aspires to compete with the high-end models on the market. The new Roadmachine AMP is very similar to the non-electric version, inheriting the same characteristics that make it very resistant and at the same time very light, thanks to the implementation of the Mahle’s latest electric motor, the X20 which makes it possible to arrest the equilibrium in such a way only 11.8 kilograms.

The BMC Roadmachine AMP looks almost like the unassisted Roadmachine. It has the same BMC signature angular aero tube shape with a slightly larger diameter downtube. The weight difference between e-bike and conventional frames is only 60 grams. By combining the first with the new Mahle X20 rear hub motorAdding the battery, wiring, control system and bottom bracket, the total weight of the bike is 11.8 kg (for size 54 cm). A figure comparable to other models that are already on the market such as the Addict eRIDE of Scott, the Wilier hybrid or Cannondale’s SuperSIC EVO Neo.

All of these e-road bikes feature Mahle’s X20 rear hub motor, but feature a smaller capacity 250Wh battery. In the case of the BMC model is 350Wh. Being replaceable, it could in theory be replaced by a 250 Wh unit, which would reduce its weight by 250 grams, in case a great autonomy is not required.

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The new Roadmachine AMP is very similar to the non-electric version, inheriting the same characteristics that make it very resistant and at the same time very light, thanks to the implementation of Mahle’s latest electric motor, the X20.

Mahle has overtaken its X35 engine with the implementation of the X20, which improves it in all its characteristics. It is lighter, more fluid in the assistance and better integrated. The new Mahle X20 complete system weighs only 3.2 kilograms. A smaller diameter hub and the elimination of the axle by operating as a freehub reduces weight by about a pound, so the motor weighs just 1.4 kilograms. The X20 fits a standard thru axle which makes wheel removal as easy as a wheeltandar. The connection between the mid-motor and the power line comes from a quick-fit connector that sits in a special mold in the tab that is not on the drive side. You just need to align the hub with the connector when refitting.

Mahle also improved the sense of assistance to make it more natural by implementing two new sensors that measure torque and cadence and are mounted on the bottom bracket. De esta manera el nivel de assistance del motor aumenta suavemente para que concida con la entrada de la demande del ciclista, gracias a la intervention de un software que emplea en su programming inteligencia artificial y que es capaz de gestionar los datos que envían los sensors en real time.

The new X20 uses Mahle’s app to adjust motor map settings, monitor and analyze energy consumption and even link it to your heart rate monitor, as it incorporates a Bluetooth connection. The BMC does not include a display, as the Mahle system can be synced with almost any ANT+ cycle computer to display the level of assistance and remaining battery charge. You can also configure it to come with a mode switch on the top bar. The Mahle system can be controlled and configured to receive information about the operation of the system. The power measurement is displayed in the app or on the connected main unit. Mahle announces that it will implement a metric that compares the effort of the cyclist and the level of assistance of the bicycle.

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The BMC Roadmachine AMP incorporates a removable 350 Wh battery.

In addition to the base system, Mahle offers an optional unit, remote buttons and a 173 Wh range extender battery designed to fit standard bottle cage mounts. The battery cage can be used with a standard bottle when not occupied.

The engine specifications meet the requirements of the European regulation EPACthat’s to say, 250W of power maximum, which in this case become 55Nm of torque at its output (25 Nm real at the hub of the rear wheel) and a top speed of 25km/h. Recharging the battery is via a new smart charger that BMC says can recover 80% charge in just two hours and fully recharge it in four hours. Includes a USB port for downloading firmware updates to a USB drive and performing them at home without the need to take your bike to an authorized Mahle dealer.

BMC and Mahle have not announced the official autonomy this can be achieved with the Roadmachine AMP as it depends on the weight of the cyclist, the orography of the terrain, the demand for assistance and the weather, and they are limited to a few practical examples. A 94 kilogram rider on a slightly flat road with a total elevation of 2050m and using full assist mode can expect a range of approximately 136 kilometers. A 78 kg cyclist on a more hilly course with 1,678 m of total elevation gain can reach approximately 78 kilometers.

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The BMP Roadmachine AMP range consists of three models: Roadmachine BMC AMP One, Roadmachine BMC AMP Two and BMC Roadmachine AMP Three.

The BMP Roadmachine AMP range consists of three models: BMC AMP One Road Machine which features SRAM Force AXS shifting and brakes and 35mm deep carbon wheels. The BMC AMP Two Road Machine mounts SRAM Rival AXS and 25mm deep alloy wheels. Finally, the BMC Roadmachine AMP 3 Has Shimano 105 and alloy wheels.

The three models are available in (47, 51, 54, 56, 58 and 61 cm). The first two, ONE and TWO will be available from July 1, 2022 from 8,000 and 7,000 euros respectively. The third, THREE will arrive in August 2022 and will cost €6,000.

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