BlackRock, the ibex colonizer, clicks on the second…

black rockthe world’s largest asset manager and colonizer of the ibex, has punctured the second trimester… and the Spanish Stock Exchange celebrated: the selective climbed 1.81% on Friday the 15th and a large part of its companies showed increases (only four out of 35 fell). And it is that there has been a drop in both profits and revenues, after made their fortune with the pandemic in 2021.

It seems that the large investment fund founded by Robert S. Captain y Laurence D. Fink (better known as Larry Fink) in 1988, who currently serves as President and President and CEO, respectively, are not doing well. Their benefit to neto fell by 21.8%, to 1,075 million euros, between April and June, and the Income They fell by 6% to 4,517 million. In addition, he also lowered his asset under managementwhich amounted to 8.48 billion dollars (8.46 billion euros), or 11.3% less than a year ago.

He is the main shareholder of Repsol, BBVA, Banco Santander, Telefónica and Amadeus; and the second from Iberdrola, where Fink only demands that Ignacio S. Galán appoint a general manager

In all of first semester BlackRock did not do well either as it earned 2,508 million (-2.5%) and its revenue stagnated at 9,208 million. A period that “brought an investment environment we haven’t seen in decades,” said Fink, who warned investors were simultaneously navigating between high inflation, rising interest rates and worse. beginning of the year for stocks and bonds in half a century. century. Remember a month ago BlackRock quit Christine LagardePresident of the ECB, expect “slower” rate hikesand that a few months ago Fink defended himself against those who accused him of being progressive, pointing out that BlackRock is capitalism and nothing else. What a hard face…

BlackRock is considered the shadow bank and the colonizer of the Ibex because it is a shareholder of a large majority of the 35 companies that make up the Spanish index. According to the latest data collected by the CNMV, it is not a shareholder or holds a stake of less than 3% in: Acciona, Acciona Energía, Acerinox, ArcelorMittal, Bankinter, Endesa, Fluidra, IAG, Inditex, Indra, Naturgy and Pharma Mar.

BlackRock does not only colonize Spain, but also other countries. For example, in Portugal it is already the second largest shareholder of EDP and in Germany it is in: BMW, Mercedes-Bez, E.On, RWE, Deutsche Telekom, Lufthansa, Bayer, Deutsche Bank, Allianz…

The large investment fund is the main shareholder of Repsol (5475%), BBVA (5.48%), Bank Santander (5426%), Telefonica (4,983%) y Amedee (6.153%). He is also the second largest shareholder of Iberdrola (5,251%), where its President and Chief Executive Officer, Ignacio S. Galanfound out that Fink is no longer a friend because he only does require you to appoint a CEO​​​​​​​. It is also present in many other Ibex companies: enaga (3,833%), Redeia -former Red Electrica- (3.47%), ACS (5373%), AENA (3071%), Colonial (3595%), Merlin Properties (3996%), Bank Sabadell (4610%), caixabanque (3,211%), Cellnex (5207%), Railway (3133%), Griffols (3532%), Siemens Gamesa (3,739%) y Solarium (3821%).

Of course, BlackRock is not only colonizing Spain, but also other countries. For example, in Portugal, he is already the second largest shareholder in computer scienceafter the Chinese CTM. In Germany, where it is one of the main investors in companies such as: BMW, Mercedes-Bez, E.On, RWE, Deutsche Telekom, Lufthansa, Bayer, Deutsche Bank, Allianz

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