Andrés Roca Rey cuts off three ears and exits through the Puerta Grande in Valencia

three ears and the corresponding output on the shoulders was the triumphant artistic balance of the Peruvian rock king in the star bullfight of the July Fair, held this Friday in Valencia, a performance of arrests, firmness and, above all, “pyrotechnic” resources so popular in this country.

He quickly got people in favor of Roca’s work with a ravishing bonnet salute and a showy takedown of chicuelinas and tafallera at his prime. After giving work to Soro dropped both knees down to perform a high-tension prologue with the crutch, flipping the square with a tight change from behind.

The bull had great virtues -even if the passage by the horse was a testimony- and Rock took advantage of it to carry out a more argued task in the special effects than in the fundamental bullfighting, although the bullrings “sung” everything to him, especially the improvisations, the final luquecinas and the slot that gave way to the two ears and a surprising return to the ring for the bull

With the same arrests, the man from Lima walked with sextor, a bland bull, but who left a lot behind and who he once again orchestrated a very communicative task with people with the short-range boasts, although this time there were very quiet moments and a noticeable firmness in bullfighting in the lathe.

He again handled the sword like a cannon, and although they asked for both ears, this time the box left everything in one.

It took a world for the first Morante to arrive in the ring, who got hit on the horse and bled heavily before pinning Román in a takedown with the percale. came that of victorian river bottomless at the crutch of a Morante who tried to take him halfway right along a not very happy task.

The fourth had exit feet, which took a nasty rod in the shoulder. He lacked class later on the crutch, moving with a very loose face and not surrendering, but, even so, he managed morante moments of great natural bullfighting, above all an endless round, even if the lines did not enter the work of the Sevillian.

Roman was a kettle with the top in his first, much acclaimed by his compatriots who continued to take advantage of “his” bullfighter in a spirited crutch task in front of a fast and motorized bull, which ended up getting complicated after the second series by the right. Delivery work from the young Valencian, who ended up getting stuck with the sword.

He went by his own feet to the infirmary to be examined for the misadventure suffered during the first bullfight.

Much more intoned Román walked with the extraordinary fifth, a large bull of Victorianwith a lot of class, to which the Valencian curdled a remarkable task, alternating fibered moments on the right with a series of natural peaks and other resources also very appropriate.

Task of a lot of connection also with the peasantry in spite of a little going beyond in the epilogue. He lost the triumph by mishandling the sword. The box once again released the blue handkerchief to reward the bull for a return to the ring, this one with more meaning than that granted to the price of rock kingeven if the third of varas was only a mere formality.

Party card:

Six Bulls of Victoriano del Río, game well presented and uneven. The excellent fifth stood out, named “Manisero”, number 40, weighing 540 kilos, born in August 2017 and black cape axiblanco, rewarded with the return to the ring, the same recognition received by the third, “Casero” , number 47, 590 kilos, born in September 2017 and black coat.

Puebla Moorish (bishop and gold): prick and a half (light palms); half spitting and half detached and crossed (silence).

Romanian (bone and silver): four punctures and a falling and crossing split (ovation after warning); puncture, opposite, tense and crossed lunge and three rushes (return to the ring after warning).

rock king (tobacco and gold): detached slit with spillage (two ears); cleft (ear with request for the second).

In the infirmary, Roman was assisted by a sheathed goring on the front of the left thigh.

The square recorded half an entry length in the lines.

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