Ana María Aldón communicates the decision she made in the midst of the crisis with José Ortega Cano: “I endured a lot”

Ana María Aldón reappeared hand-in-hand with Toñi Moreno in ‘Let Yourself Be Loved’ after hitting rock bottom in her marriage to José Ortega Cano and talking about what she plans to do with her life. “I’m not angry, I’m sad,” she said broken

Ana María Aldón sat in ‘Let yourself be loved’ and broke his silence after almost a month “disappeared” and far from everything and everyone. La woman from Cádiz has hit rock bottom after José Ortega Cano’s call to ‘It’s already 8’ in which he asked her to stop talking about him. Ana María made a decision and walked hand in hand with Toñi Moreno to communicate it.

“We work with the psychologist, with the specialist and that’s it… To him [José Ortega Cano] He doesn’t like confrontation. He’s tired and I’m tired too, we’re all tired. He asks me not to mention him but he is in my life and it is inevitable to mention him. My life is yours, we share it, we share life. He rushed. That makes me decide to go with the kid, I left and didn’t ask who was coming. I’m not angry, I’m sad,” he said. Ana Maria Aldon.

Ana María Aldón broke her silence and was energetic: “It has been an accumulation of things happening, some coming out, others not coming out, fortunately. There are situations that could be avoided but which are not and when certain limits are exceeded there is to withdraw, what I have done and to think, even if I have not thought much because sadness blocks me. This is the first time I have had a crisis and made a decision. First I want to recover and then whatever happens, I don’t know what I’m going to do with my life.”. Of course, he was clear: “I will continue to be in Madrid because my son’s well-being is in Madrid, I would not go to Cadiz to live for my son.”

Ana Maria Aldon

Ana María Aldón seated in ‘Let yourself be loved’ with Toñi Moreno.


“I put up with a lot, my husband too, but I put up with a lot. There came a time when I couldn’t take it anymore. He should have set limits and said ‘she’s my wife and you respect her, whether you like it more or less”, is what I ask my family about it. Things have happened that under no circumstances will I let happen again, I won’t allow anyone, that’s very clear to me. That they humiliate me and allow it, yes, a lack of respect… Un marriage there are two, for life, and my marriage has consented to many things in the family, ”added Ana María Aldón.

Ana María Aldón has assured that she has not thought about separating these days and that her goal now is to recover. “I’m not going to find another husband than the one I have, if I try to find another person I’m already wrong, because I’m not going to change it. In this house, my husband never abused me, things as they are, I felt little warmth from his surroundings, yes. But for me nothing will change. I don’t demand that you show me that you love me, what I ask of you is what would be normal, that you respect me. He has decided to marry me and I too with him, we have decided and it will be so until the moment when we both decide,” the collaborator said.

Ana Maria Aldon

Ana María Aldón in ‘Let yourself be loved’.


The designer is tired and sad but one thing is clear, she has decided to bet on herself and her life. “I don’t have to decide what I do with my marriage but what I do with my life, and in my life is my marriage, my family… But what is more important than your own life? I wasn’t the most important thing, otherwise I wouldn’t be living what I’m going through.”

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