Amazon, the secret of Jeff Bezos’ invisible empire

The world’s first billionaire and, until recently, the richest man, Jeff Bezos He is one of the most powerful businessmen on the planet. The Amazon founder’s fortune exceeds 171,000 million thanks to a company that aims to sell everything, worldwide and as quickly as possible. Its intention is to satisfy the slightest desire of its more than 300 million customers with what is considered to be the largest store in the world.

Who thinks of Bezos, thinks of Amazon and, immediately, of digital commerce and electronic shopping. According to the documentary The World According to Amazon (2019), which can be seen in The Theme Night, its platform sends more than 55 packages per second, or 14 million packages per day, or a total of five billion per year.

The data is overwhelming. The appearance on the market of its economic model meant a real revolution in the way of consuming in almost every corner of the planet. The owner and lord of the “largest clock ever built” and founder of Amazon has reduced time and space with its forms of distribution, storage and shipping of goods. What started as a simple business of selling books out of his home’s garage, ended up taking over virtually every business sector possible.

In the documentary aired the theme party, analyzes whether the ambition of the Bezos empire has limits and tries to understand how it is possible that Amazon will take over the planet. Over the past ten years, its field of action has expanded like the tentacles of an octopus that catches everything, in all possible sectors, on five continents, with profits that have exploded.

Manfredi of the Center for Astrobiology on Jeff Bezos’ space journey: “It’s an essential step. It means bringing space closer together”

What is Amazon’s real conquest strategy?

Currently, Amazon controls half of digital commerce in the United States and is #1 in online buying and selling of countless products. Experts who try to monitor and study its expansion do not speak of “rapid” growth, but “invisible”. In The World According to Amazon (2019), members of the Institute for World Economic Development, an institution that examines large multinationals like Bezos’, define Amazon as Amazon, an all-encompassing preserve that dictates the rules of the game.

The cloud… what is it and why does Jeff Bezos want to take control of it?

The key runs through one of Amazon’s lesser-known divisions of power. The mastery of an essential daily service for everyone in a world that throbs and breathes within the Network, the Cloud. A web-hosted unlimited data storage platform that has driven significant change in various digital domains and in data storage and management systems around the world. A priori, an ethereal space, which nevertheless needs large facilities for its operation.

AWS, Amazon web service, is Amazon’s IT services platform. The tenacity of the hidden empire of Jeff Bezos. In the documentary, it is revealed how an infinite number of trading platforms, financial entities and communication mediums base their infrastructure on the internal structure of Amazon itself. In other words, everything stored on sites like Expedia, where people buy their plane tickets, digital media like The New York Times or Vogue, goes through Amazon.

The third part of the information stored in the Cloud is stored on Amazon’s servers. For fear of hackers, Amazon does not reveal the location of these centers, but it is believed to exist. more than 120 data centers worldwide.

The most profitable business

in 2017 AWS accounted for 12% of Amazon’s business, but generated 60% of its profits. This indicates that Amazon and its empire are not solely based on being an e-commerce hub. Jeff Bezos is a company that aspires to control the underlying structure of our economy at all levels. Invest more in logistics than in parcel delivery.

According to experts, there is nothing amazon can compare to. Its revolution is similar to that of years ago, which led to the appearance of the railway. A train that runs at full speed and that, it seems, nothing can stop it because it is an invisible power. Only state intervention policies could deal with it.

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