Alpine will increase its workforce to get closer to the head

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The Alpine Formula 1 team is determined not to give up in its efforts to join the big brands in the fight for everything. To do this, as their own team leader said, the French will seek the talent and effort of 75 new workers, with whom to expand their current workforce: “there is still a factor of expansion and investment, and we are committed to it. We are around 850 workers here, but we are looking to hire another 75the Romanian said of the move.

You have to be the size of the big teams if you want to fight with them“, Otmar had to comment on Alpine’s intentions and the aspirations that guide this step they plan to take.

looking for talent

It’s not just about hiring more staff, it’s about hiring the right people, with the right people and the right career spirit. And we’re looking for them now“, commented the director of the representative team of Renault in the big circus; emphasizing the search for talent, strongly linked to the “war of links” in which large teams get involved invisibly in order to secure the services of high-level engineers, in some cases from , rival teams.

We have been very successful in recruiting and expanding the infrastructure here. And this was recently approved”, underlined the newcomer to the team about the phase of growth and expansion in which they are.

I think labor is just around the corner, it will start very soon“, continued the engineer, who dropped that this staff would come to cover key areas in development, in which he sees Alpine as weak compared to other brands he has worked for: “there are areas that I have been used to in other teams to be a little stronger and have more knowledge; we just need to add people with that kind of knowledge. we are looking for them now

The Alpine project

Since returning to the top flight in 2016, the Enstone roster have strived to be positive for the future, promising a high level of performance to compete at big-team level.

However, these aspirations did not match the performance of their single-seaters on the asphalt. Arrive in the best of cases, to lead the middle zone and become the alternative to the leading teams in the event of failure, to reach the podium, as Ricciardo and Ocon did during the atypical 2020 season; and more recently, already under the Alpine name, in 2021 with Alonso and Esteban himself, winner of the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Even if the promises of the team were again very high for this 2022, those in blue have only managed to be part of the references in the middle zone, even if they have not yet reached the podium. With these new investments in infrastructure and people, those at Enstone underscore their intention to continue to progress and that the day will come when they are definitely back on top.

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