a youtuber opened the Nothing Phone (1) to see how it is inside

How is the interior of the most anticipated mobile for years? We can finally get out of doubt

It finally happened: a youtuber opened the Nothing Phone (1) to see what it is inside

It was only a matter of time before someone decided to venture out and open the channel nuevo Nothing Telephone (1) to check how it really is insideand if the components that its transparent back allows us to see are real, or if the brand has resorted to the typical trick of placing a trim on them.

He was the youtuber behind the well-known channel Dave2D who accepted the challenge and decided to share with the world what the Nothing Phone (1) really looks like inside.

Open Phone Nothing 1

Youtuber Dave2D decided to venture out and open his Nothing Phone (1) to see how he is inside

An impressive work of design and “modularization”

There is not the slightest doubt that the aesthetic part is the great advantage of the Nothing Phone (1) compared to the competition. After all, the brand turned to experts in the field like Adam Bates, former design chief of Dyson who is now design director of Nothing, and Tom Howard of Teenage Engineering.

In order to build a unique device, the brand decided make transparencies the differentiating element of its first smartphone, as it did with the first product in its short history, the auriculares Nothing Ear (1).

Nothing Telephone 1 open

The components inside a Nothing Phone 1.

Other companies, such as Xiaomi or HTC, They have already experimented with mobiles with transparent or semi-transparent backs., but in his case it was only special versions of existing models. Nothing, instead has designed your device with this in mindproposing a design where all the protagonism falls on the completely transparent back.

In the video, available below these lines, you can see how the youtuber easily remove the Gorilla Glass 5 back panel to get to the insides of the phone.

Once there, you can see how, unlike what you see in models like the Xiaomi Mi Explorer 9, each of the observed components is placed independently of the restand can be removed via the connectors that anchor them to the motherboard via “pogo” type pins, which facilitate assembly and disassembly of the device.

Other details that catch the youtuber’s attention are the Nothing is decided to include diffusers located above the LED strips located on the back of the phone, and the wireless charging coil shapewhich unlike other mobiles, not completely circular.

In addition to visible back components, Nothing also added several plastic elements serving as embellishments to give the device that unique look that characterizes it.

Nothing Telephone (1)

As the youtuber concludes, once all visible components are removed, the interior of the Nothing Phone (1) is not very different from other smartphones. However, with a few simple tweaks, the brand managed to make its first phone capable of having its own character and standing out from the rest.

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