A fan showed how to play Yahtzee in Minecraft

Minecraft builds can have metaplay!

A fan showed how to play Yahtzee in Minecraft

Until now, few open-world games stimulate creativity as much as Minecraft. This title has become a reference for the solid base of players who always know how to take advantage of one of its best attributes: the creative mode.

Of course, the world of minecraft is so vast that it has allowed its fans to create real-life creations (as big as cities and pretty much anywhere we can think of) and some of them have even made their own rather interesting projects. And they require a lot of time and skill. We could therefore say that the creative category was the one that greatly contributed to catapulting Mojang’s title among the most popular in the world.

The latter has its reasons for being. Not only because it has been used massively to make those constructions that imitate the real world or expose the great imagination of its users, but because the sandbox has also taken care of expanding the elements available to the player. In this sense, the biomes have seen notable improvements over time. Also, the existence of new mobs, a weather system, interaction, and crafting or enhancement systems (including potions, which are probably the least updated) made Minecraft much more versatile. .

Thus, this large catalog of elements allows players to continue to exploit their qualities in a cubic perspective. Therefore, for many gamers, Minecraft is more than just a game where they can create whatever comes their way.

While Minecraft just updated to version 1.19the community has kept up with the latest details… more than a decade after its release, which continues to amaze, despite the fact that Mojang is known for paying close attention to the needs of its users.


Minecraft builds can be turned into games

But, to return to the subject, thanks to Minecraft’s flagship combination: variety of elements and infinite world, we find some of the most interesting buildings. Made by the players, one would surely find thousands and thousands of ideas which one would never have suspected the possibility of being realized in the game, with an impressive number of perfectly placed cubes.

Although most of them are architectural works, practically, they only work to show other players the immense creativity of their authors. But there is a small sector of constructions that have their own functionality. And you might be wondering what it is, given that it’s creative mode and you can’t fight enemies.

Apparently Redstone in the game has a lot more uses than crafting torches, lamps, and basically any other item it was intended for in the sandbox. And the proof is that a player created his own version of the classic game Yahtzee in Minecraft. Although it is not the first time that it has been used for other purposes, since in the past other players have transformed it into an alarm clock, a vending machine, an X-ray machine; it was even used for more classic games like Tetris and Pac-Man.

To verify that it can indeed be played, the fan posted on his Reddit account, named CaptainShivy617, a video showing the game in action. To start, you have to press a button that will start the trick and, in the same way as the original, you have to start the data (which here has been created digitally). After a few tries, the player finally got a “Yahtzee!” showing on the screens. And, for the final seconds, the player points to the back of the board recreation, to give an idea of ​​the work that went into making it.

In case you’ve never played Yahtzee, this dice game was very popular in the 1950s. In it, players have to roll the data to get points and it is rolled up to three times in each round. To get a “Yahtzee” (whose value is 50 points), the player must match five of the same numbers continuously.

Of course, Minecraft creations are some of the favorite parts of gamers. While the game offers a lot on its own, these ways to enrich gameplay are almost endless, and what’s even better, we’ll continue to see all kinds of fan-made artwork in the future.

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