9 crucial factors you must respect to take care of your health

Healthy lifestyle, take care of yourself, body positiveacceptance, conscious eating… The contemporary era revolves around Health and know how to wear it in the best possible way.

The power of social media disclosure makes it easier than ever to access this information, but sometimes, with this information overload, many important nuances are lost along the way.

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This is what Victor Reyes collected in one of his posts, in charge of the Instagram account Real Fitnesswhere he accumulates more than 82,000 subscribers, in which he talks about personal development, mentality, lifestyle, nutrition and training, a help point of view just for that, synthesize so much information.

To do this, he collected in a note the 9 most important factors that you must respect to take care of your health:

1. Be clear why:

If you do things because you’re supposed to you won’t reach your goalbecause it’s not something personal, it’s not intrinsic to you.

If you’re just looking to “live a healthy life” because that’s what you’re channeled towards on social media, you’re probably Leave.

On the other hand, if it is with a fixed objective: “I want to improve my health so that I can play more with my children and not exhaust myself”, “feel better because I deserve it”, “age well”, ” love me more”, All these examples will remind you every day that why are you doing it

2. Eat

Just think about calories, macronutrients, best times to eat, and whether or not you’re in a deficit. You already know the theory.

Savor the food without going any furtherwe eat to feed ourselves, but also to have fun, enjoy and be close to loved ones, because food has a very social aspect.

Eat without labels, you already know what the best foods are, integrate it into your life gradually and without ties or demands.

3. Practice

Victor recommends train strength 2-4 days a week. It will depend on your possibilities and how you can combine it with your work and other obligations, but a one-hour workout, at least 2 days a week, should be among your priorities.

Either with machines, free weights, your own body weight, whatever works best for you, but try, research and work it into your routine.

4. Movement

Maybe that should come before weight training, or many other things that seem extremely important to health, like eating right, but the fact is no movement, no health.

In the movement not only includes the to take a walk, because it’s not for everyone, if you like to dance go to dance lessons, if you like to run, do it, if you like to go to a group lesson, go paddle tennis , whatever you like. You should do it every day interspersed with sports!

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Remember that standing still shortens your life, as pointed out in a 2019 study by the European Society of Cardiology which showed that sedentary behavior over a 20-year period could double the risk of premature death.

5. Sleep well

Sleeping well, around 7-8 hours, or even less if it suits you and you are rested, is essential for your health, especially since on many occasions it Rest is the power source the next day.

The main tips for a good rest are always:

  • that he the place is cool and nice (Letting it be collected gives you peace of mind).
  • That dark (to maintain and care for heart rhythms).
  • Be quiet.
  • If you go to sleep early and get up earlybetter than better.
  • No lights or electronics before bed.

6. May the sun give you!

The floor it is health. In addition to being responsible for your body, you can vitamin D absorberexpose yourself to him first thing in the morning This will help you better regulate your circadian rhythms.

Moreover, the sun is a powerful producer of serotonin and dopamine, make you feel much better, as concluded by a study published in The Lancet.

7. Ayuna

You thought it would be food, right? No, fast from television, social networks if you spend too much time, people who sometimes absorb your energy and which is not good for you.

It’s nothing more than a metaphor that you listen to yourself and distance yourself from the things that don’t add up in your daily lifeYou will see how you begin to feel more aligned with what you need and therefore calmer and more at peace.

8. Assume your responsibilities

Your health is your responsibility nobody can do anything for you, not a coach, not a nutritionist, not a doctor if you don’t focus on your needs.

Nutritionist Gabriela Uriarte, from Nutrition Gu explained on his Instagram that often people are frustrated because they did not achieve their goals thinking the nutrition plan didn’t work, but really, what was the engagement of those people with it? Here is the answer.

9. Don’t compare yourself

As Víctor explains in his article: “Evaluating your progress based on what others show is a sure source of frustration and dissatisfaction.”

You are you, and that’s wonderful. Find all the points that you love about yourself physically, intellectually or emotionally, why you are the way you are and what makes you special

The era of social networks shows many realities that are neither true nor truthful, loaded with contents only based on aesthetics, if If you focus on yourself, you will be able to progress much better and in a much healthier way.

Because in the end, the objective is that: to have Health.

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