3 new products that go into concentration mode

Focus Mode in iOS 16 has received a huge update with some very cool features.

iOS 16: 3 new features that go into concentration mode

Apple has implemented a ton of changes, improvements and features in iOS 16. So many that it was impossible to even mention them all during the diffusion of WWDC 2022. One of the the best features of iOS 16 was to include a customization system for the lock screen. But the signature of the bitten apple logo introduced many other novelties like a major redesign of the Home application, the extraction of topics from images or the new focus mode of iOS 16.

Since iPadízate we have already spoken several times about how iOS 16 lock screen customization works the subject what’s new in the Photos app, among many other changes. This time we’re going to focus on all the upgrades that have been included in Focus Mode, which aren’t exactly rare.

Now with iOS 16, Focus mode has more filters, recommendations and customization changes for lock screen, apps and widgets. That’s all new to Focus Mode in iOS 16. Let’s get started!

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The revamped Focus Mode system in iOS 16

Focus mode was born with iOS 15 in 2021 and became the do not disturb mode into a much more advanced and personalized system with which users can turn off app notifications based on specific contacts and times. This way, iPhone users can create their own focus mode, they can hide notification bubbles, hide home screen pages, show notifications on lock screen or allow notifications from the contacts they want, among others.

Con iOS16 the focus mode experience has been greatly improved. In fact, its configuration is even simpler and more intuitive. Apple has connected lock screen updates to focus mode, so when a user configures their focus modes, they can customize the look of the lock screen for each of the focusing modes.

Home screen customization

One of the main new features of Focus Mode in iOS 16 is that it will now offer the ability to change the appearance of the home screen – in addition to hiding pages as was already the case in the concentration mode of iOS 15 – to adapt the use given to it at any time.

This is something particularly useful and practical, because in addition to being able have at your fingertips the most relevant applications and widgets for each mode of concentration, iOS 16 users will always know if Focus mode is enabled with just a glance at the screen. And it is that many times it happens, as with so many other new functions, that we forget that the concentration mode is activated and miss important notifications for not having deactivated it in time.

Customizing a home screen page for the focus mode you want is as easy as creating it from scratch and hiding it. When you create or configure a concentration mode (such as a work concentration mode), you can select that only this page is displayed on the home screen, removing social networks and messaging applications to add widgets and apps related to your fieldwork.

concentration filters

Apple has added a series of filters to focus patterns with which iOS 16 users can be much more precise when it comes to allowing and disabling app and contact notifications.

Four app panels appear on the main Focus mode filters screen in iOS 16 as Calendar, Mail, Messages and Safari. When you access one of these panels, the system gives you the option to filter the email addresses that can send you emails or to disable them when you are on break. Only emails from accounts you have filtered will appear in your inbox.

iOS 16 also lets you select which calendars will be available during a tune-up mode, including third-party apps in the future. The Safari panel offers the possibility to select a series of tab groups and open external links during focus mode.

As with the Messages app, the filters will offer to allow messages from specific contacts but also to disable messages from specific contacts.

Recommendations, suggestions and a more intuitive configuration

Now, iOS 16 will offer a series of suggestions for the lock screen and options for focus modes. As well as app and widget recommendations for iOS 16 home screen pages.

Moreover, it should be mentioned that the process of setting up focus modes has been made much easier and more intuitive with iOS 16. Whereas earlier in iOS 15 there were a myriad of options that made the process a bit confusing, now with iOS 16 the process has been overhauled from the ground up to make the experience much clearer, more concise and more organized.

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Focus modes in iOS 16 can be configure from the “Focus Modes” section of the Settings app either directly from the Control Center, by clicking on the (…) button of a concentration mode or by clicking on the (+) button located in the lower area.

In addition to all the novelties that the firm with the bitten apple logo has implemented in the concentration modes of iOS 16, iPhone and iPad users will also be able to take advantage of other very interesting functions such as the automatic activation of the modes time-based focus modes and all apps that integrate their services into focus modes through Apple’s Focus Filter API. What do you think of iOS 16’s focus modes? Have you ever had the opportunity to try them?

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