22/23 Subscription Campaign: Guardians of Pride | Real Oviedo

Readjustments and price reductions in a new sectorization, with discounts for loyalty, fan club membership and financing at La Caixa

Real Oviedo presents its new subscription campaign, which has been very well worked out and with several guidelines that have collected and turned the wishes of Oviedo fans into reality. All with the aim of maintaining and promoting the spectacular atmosphere experienced at Carlos Tartiere in the home stretch of last season, with a stadium that was once again enthusiastic about its team, and which once again proved to be the guardian and defender of the pride of an unbreakable shield.

Before proceeding with the design of this innovative and ambitious campaign, the entity carried out an in-depth study of the occupation of the stadium spaces, distinguishing between areas with high and low occupation, and by carrying out a sectorization by location and awards in the same stands. In this way, the prices of the three central shelves of the main stands of the stadium will be slightly higher than those of the side areas. Similarly, prices are lowered in the cash desks, with more competitive amounts than in the stands. The same goes for the upper parts of the stadium, with low occupancy rates, and which benefit from a reduction in their prices.

The outline of the Real Oviedo 22/23 subscription campaign is defined as follows:

Sectorization by location and price. All areas of the stadium have been reviewed, and in detail all the categories of each of them, with price readjustments in certain categories and central areas of the main stands, and discounts on the sides, backs and low-traffic areas .

Loyalty discount*. A 5% discount will be applied to subscribers who accumulate more than 10 consecutive seasons, and a 10% discount to those who accumulate more than 30 consecutive years. At this point, it is important to highlight that during this campaign, it is expected that the bodies that govern the control of the competition will fully or partially implement access to the stadium by biometrics for all or part of its areas. . Putting this system in place will make it possible to introduce attendance bonus proposals in the future.

*The discount is compatible and cumulative with the advantages of full season subscribers for the 19/20 season.
*All discounts are applicable to subscriptions issued before August 14. From the start of LaLiga 22/23 they will no longer be active.


  • pensioner’s allowance. A supporters club subscription is created for the Naranco stand at fixed prices. To become a member, the supporter club must be registered on the official list provided by the official clubs themselves to the entity (it must be requested before September 30). The rest of the subscribers will maintain the price of said fund according to their zone, with the corresponding drop depending on whether it is a central or lateral zone.
  • NON-RESIDENT subscription: A document of registration of residence outside Asturias will be required, updated in July 2022. If you are a subscriber, your membership number will be retained. This subscription does not imply a seat reservation. Its cost will be €80 and it will allow the purchase of a ticket per match at La Tartière for a price of €10.
  • family subscription. The minimum of three members is maintained and the reduction is maintained for those under 18. As a novelty, a specific area has also been created in the Tribuna Buenavista where adults with family season tickets will pay €240, with the cost of the rest of the members corresponding to that area of ​​the stadium without discounts.


Unemployed subscription. Maintains the minimum period of six months of continuous unemployment to be entitled to it (it is necessary to justify six months in a situation of unemployment).

in the compost “Retired”both pensioners over 65 and people with permanent and absolute disability (over 65%) can opt for it.

FUNDING. After the experience of the 21/22 campaign where the club took direct charge of the financing, and where the reimbursements of the receipts were excessively increased after the most interesting matches, the club decided to conclude the financing agreement with a credit institution, in this case La Caixa, and cannot be assumed free of charge.

– 2% financing for three months.
– 3% at six months.
– 4% at nine months.

Loans can only be handled at Carlos Tartiere’s offices from the time they are available. Up to €700 will be funded and proof of bank account will be requested. For La Caixa customers, only DN and card number, or proof of account.


The club will donate € 1 per subscriber to finance the blue lines in such number of subscribers with total registration on September 30, 2022.


The Sympathizer card continues to be available in Season 22/23. Subscribers who withdraw this card, at the single price of €30, are entitled to:
Sympathizer physical card.
A ticket to be exchanged for access to a LaLiga SmartBank 22/23 match at the Carlos Tartiere, exempt on club day. (Limited to availability as per capacity restrictions by authorities).
10% discount on a series of products in official stores.


Holders of a Real Oviedo subscription will have free access to all matches played at home by the entity’s lower category teams, including Real Oviedo Vetusta matches.


The following benefits will be applied to all subscribers who renew their card:

Access to Carlos Tartiere matches for the 22/23 season.
Access to Real Oviedo’s lower category matches.
10% discount in official stores.
Home delivery of the card in domiciled subscriptions that request it (or physical delivery of it at established collection points).
Free access to the Copa del Rey.
* The baby category is excluded.


– If your subscription is already domiciled, and you want it to remain so, it is not necessary to perform any management in this regard. The subscription will be debited (in time for him to benefit from discounts and advantages if applicable) and the card will be sent to him at his address, if he requests it. If you wish to physically withdraw the subscription, even if the renewal is carried out by direct debit, you can withdraw it at the offices of La Tartiere.

– If your subscription is already domiciledbut you wish to update your contact details (address, IBAN…): to carry out this procedure, contact us at oas@realoviedo.es or at 985215300.

  • If you wish to physically renew, you can do so at the following points from Thursday 21 July:
    Ticket office Gate 4 of Carlos Tartiere. Opening hours from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 4:30 p.m. to 7 p.m.
    Official store Caveda 22, (only one stand). Hours from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. non-stop.
  • ONLINE renewals will be available in the coming days, and their start will be announced.

In addition, two channels (telephone and e-mail) are activated to respond to the doubts and needs of all Oviedo supporters: oas@realoviedo.es or 985215300.

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