10% performance improvement

In the absence of muscle, good are software optimizations, and that’s AMD rebuilt its graphics drivers for the API DirectX 11, which favored a generous increase in performance related to software optimizations.

To be exact, we’re talking about a performance boost that moves on average 10%although in very specific cases, such as a very undemanding and graphically “obsolete” game like World of Warcraft: Shadow Landsyou may see an improvement in the performance of Up to 30%. Of course, unfortunately, these performance improvements are stated to affect their Radeon RX 6000 Series graphics.

maximum performance

Our engineering teams are constantly looking for ways to provide users with better performance. In the past year alone, we’ve averaged 15% performance gains across multiple titles, and these benefits are available to our users for the life of their product.

Most recently, we rebuilt our DirectX 11 driver from the ground up to deliver an average performance boost of up to 10% on your Radeon RX 6000 graphics card, with some games even achieving above average gains, like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey . -up to 28%-, World of Warcraft: Shadowlands -up to 30%- and Grand Theft Auto V -up to 11%-. Indicates AMD in its official website.

AMD vs NVIDIA Driver Stability

In addition, the company inflated the chest internal verification and testing which each version of graphics drivers is subject to. According to the company, in 2021 it launched 26 certified controllers (WHQL) compared to the 20 launched by NVIDIA, to which is added that it was tested on 6,000 PCs with different hardware configurations while NVIDIA remained at 4,500.

Industry-leading stability

A lot of effort, thought and testing goes into the development of each controller; The Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) test method is an industry standard that helps ensure quality. WHQL is a Microsoft testing process that hardware vendors can use to validate the compatibility of their products with Windows operating systems. WHQL includes a suite of tests that vendors like AMD run locally. Approval records can be sent to Microsoft to generate an approval certificate.

Passing WHQL is just a small part of the overall testing methodology used by AMD software. Our QA teams use a portfolio of sophisticated, non-overlapping stability tools from operating system vendors, software vendors, and computer system manufacturers.

In fact, only in 2021, AMD has released 26 drivers that exceed the WHQL standard, and more than 40 games received optimized Day 0 support in the last year. To make testing even more rigorous, AMD teams run automated tests in 6,000 unique system configurations in combination with production quality features. The result is exceptional driver stability: 99.95% of users experience no crashes when installing AMD software.

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