Weekly summary | The Motomami de Rosalía kicks off a summer full of music and culture

Rosalía as a perfect transition between the two cultures of Granada. We are not talking about the Muslim and the Christian, but about the one who schedules events before the summer and the one who does it after. the fever for Rosalie unleashed a torrent of emotions that spread ‘motomamis’ and ‘motopapis’ throughout the capital on Tuesday afternoon. The Catalan artist’s concert brought the city to a standstill, with thousands of fans arriving from various neighboring provinces to an arena packed with 9,000 enthusiastic faithful. With a charisma typical of the greats, a spectacular voice minimized by acoustics, an unparalleled dance body and a blinding play of lights, that of Sant Cugat del Vallés crossed Granada like a cyclone which will go down in the annals of history. It is not surprising that many They will camp at dawn to get a good seat. There was a price, because Rosalía interacted with her audience.

This perfect cultural transition had the epilogue of its first part a few days before, when the London Symphony Orchestra closed the 71st edition of the Music and Dance Festivalwho raised this year for the first time in its history more than one million euros. Granada’s summer culture is hectic, and the proof is in the immediate start signal for the Guitar Festival From the end of the annual event with the most important music of the province, which this year was dedicated to the centenary of the Cante Jondo Competition of 1922.

Same leit pattern who inspires Lorca and Granada in the Generalife Gardens. The cycle reaches its 21st edition with a show entitled jondo. From the first cry, from the first kiss. An unmissable event because unavoidable is the National Flamenco Singing Festival of Ogíjares, which in its 43rd edition will also pay tribute to Fosforito with a luxury poster directed by Estrella Morente. Rock will also be present this summer in the provinces with the celebration of Picón Rock in Jerez del Marquesado. On World Gender Day, the people of Granada have chosen PomegranateDigital are favorite song and group. Unfortunately, the culture also cries this week the loss of Granada actor Antonio Ibáñez at the age of 34.

This is not the only death that has occurred in recent days. In the caves of the field, a motorist lost his life last Friday in a collision with a car. This Friday was a man who crashed into a gas station on the highway from Córdoba to the capital. On the other hand, a shootout shootout rules left last Wednesday one dead and one shot. The Civil Guard is investigating the facts and, for the moment, does not rule out any hypothesis. There are two detainees in connection with these events. As for the courts, the Supreme Court confirms Spiriman’s conviction for insulting on social media Susanna Diaz. Also the Supreme unanimously rejected Francesco Arcuri’s appeal against the grace of Juana Rivas. The Italian’s legal representation said in the letter that it was handled with “surprising urgency”. Even more unpleasant alleged racist insults received by a worker from the bus station received from a manager.

And not the bus station but the Granada Airport suffers from the effects of flight cancellations, which has resulted in the employer complaints. From the other major passenger transport hub in the province, the train station, it will be possible to travel from September free in Almeriathere half price in Seville and Malaga, thanks to the Subsidies for Cercanías, Rodalies Catalunya and Media Distancia subscriptions announced by the Government during the Debate on the State of the Nation. The conclave in the hemicycle left a battery of new measures by the executive. And in the Parliament of Andalusia who was elected president of the chamber is Jesus Aguirre. When the regional government is formed, it will be urgent to solve problems such as the inhabitants of the Albayzín who look with anguish at a wall weakened by last year’s earthquakes. All homes in the capital and the metropolitan area affected by the seismic swarm will suffer considerable devaluation. In the capital what is already in it budget projects.

And what also descends is the Granada CF subscription price. The club will apply proportional discounts to all those who missed the matches of the season 2021/2022 because of the pandemic. And those who will obtain their card this year will be respected the price next year in the event of promotion in First. To achieve the goal, you will first need to register. Karanka has already given hints on the player profile you want. They just have to come. The one who is gone, and who by the way leaves a good peak, is Luis Maximiano. His destination, Lazio. If the sporting intrigue is not fully launched, the club grows institutionally with the presentation of the second phase of the Cité des Sports, work on which is due to begin in September. And there were those who thought they wouldn’t see it. What they may not see this year are the team’s own games given the gibberish formed in the name of the television rights. To see the Maria Perez, Alberto Amezcua and Ignacio Fontes you just need to put on Spanish TV, either through the Teledeporte channel or RTVEPlay. Orce’s opens the curtain for local athletes in the World Athletics Championships in Oregon. And the one who doesn’t close it is Lluís Costa, who renewed with Covirán and will play red and black in the city’s return to ACB.

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