“We have taken an important step in the recovery”

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Six weeks after undergoing surgery on his right arm, Marc Márquez received medical clearance to train after passing a check-up at Ruber Hospital in Madrid

“I am very happy to be able to regain the mobility of my arm to continue moving forward in the recovery process,” says Marc.

Six weeks after undergoing surgery for the fourth time on his injured right arm at Jerez 2020, Marc Márquez has successfully passed the last scheduled postoperative check-up at the Ruber Internacional Hospital in Madrid and already has the agreement of the doctors to resume the coaching.

On June 3, the pilot of Cervera underwent a fourth intervention by Dr. Joaquín Sánchez-Sotelo, at the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester (Minnesota). The team of this eminent trauma surgeon corrected the rotation of more than 30 degrees that so conditioned Márquez when riding his motorcycle. After maintaining complete rest for the first few days, Marc began with controlled exercises of passive mobilization of the right shoulder and elbow.

Now, after receiving the approval of the medical team that carried out the previous operation, the third, and which follows its evolution, the doctors SaMuel Antuña and Ángel Cotorro, with Sánchez Sotelo they were very pleased with the pace of the recovery.

“We have taken an important step in the recovery process. In this second review, doctors have confirmed that the humerus is healing properly, with which we can begin right arm physical therapy and cardiovascular training.”, comments the Repsol Honda driver in a press release published by his team on Thursday. “I’m very excited to be able to regain the mobility of my arm to continue to progress,” he adds.

“This review confirmed a good clinical and radiological evolution which advances in the arm mobility and strength recovery program right,” he said. Sanchez Sotelowho will visit Márquez again in six weeks, at the end of August.

After being injured at Jerez 2020, Mark returned to competition shortly after the start of the 2021 World Cup, after nine months of absence and three operations. But at the end of May, at Mugello, he surprised by explaining that he had decided to go back to the knife in the United States, with no date for his return to the circuits.

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