Twitter works on custom timelines for specific topics

MADRID, July 14 (Portaltic/EP) –

Twitter is working on its developer channel at new custom deadlines and focused on certain topics, beginning their essays with one devoted to the American series The Bachelorette.

Currently, the home timeline shows a sequence of “tweets” from followed accounts on Twitter, where you can see suggested content based on different factors, such as previous “retweets”, topics of interest or “j ‘love”.

The company changed the way posts are displayed on the timeline for months. Among some of its latest announced features is the integration of two new tabs, “Home” and “Latest tweets” for iOS.

More recently, Twitter product manager Amir Shevat revealed that He is working, from the social network’s developer channel, in a new custom timeline format.

In this announcement, made through his personal Twitter account, the manager shared a screenshot of the web version of Twitter which is part of the testing of this feature. In it you can see the timeline with a new tab on the platform wallwhich separates “Home” from “The Bachelorette ABC”.

In this second, it is indicated who was the creator of this channel, followed by a header image and the various publications in which the name of the series was taken up or the creator of this heading was tagged.

This option would allow a look similar to that offered by TweetDeckbecause in this other version of Twitter some users can be configured in the different columns of the interface to speed up access to these profiles and their publications.

The platform will be able to offer “much more flexibility in terms of what to show and what not to show and customization of the timeline itself. That way, and being this “the first step” of the process, Twitter hopes to “decentralize this area,” according to Shevat.

Recall that, as reported a few days ago by reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter is testing these personalized timelines with a limited number of people in the United States and Canada.

Therefore, the manager insisted that the company contact more developers so that they can test this tool as these implementation experiments go on.

At the moment, the company has not advanced when it will arrive in other countries or what its next steps will be in the development roadmap of this personalized section of the timeline. It also hasn’t determined whether this feature will eventually come to mobile devices.

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