TVE trusts ‘Mapi’ and Jandro for its new primetime access bet against ‘El Hormiguero’

1 will be presented “beginning of August” Mapithe competition presented by Jandro in the company of a virtual girl. It will be broadcast at night, in access prime time, so it will compete with the anthill of Antena 3, the show in which this comedian and magician became totally famous.

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the details of Mapi They were announced this Thursday during a presentation event organized by TVE. The contest, which came from Japan, has a fairly simple dynamic that It consists of this particular girl asking a series of innocent questions to celebrities parading on set.

The show – produced by Mediacrest (The hunter) – will have as competitors Jose Corbacho, Pastora Vega, Jorge Cremades, Henar Alvarez, Nerea Rodriguez, Eduardo Navarrete, Lucrecia, Millan Salcedo, Norma Duval, Julio Iglesias Jr., Pablo Carbonell, Antonia dell’Atte, Anne Igartiburu, Pablo Puyol, David Fernandez, Leo Harlem and Karina, among others.

Those who are able to satisfy Mapi’s curiosity will receive points until they are in the lead with a prize of 3,000 euros which they can donate to the NGO of their choice. The little girl will ask them questions, congratulate them on their successes and get angry with them when they don’t know how to answer certain questions that will be solved by a group of experts.

Mapi – and the actress who is in her head – took part in the press conference held this Thursday to show everyone present that the girl has a very human attitude, a surprising self-confidence, a very cantankerous humor and a disturbing agility.

TVE’s new bet for the night schedule

The program will premiere “early August”, as revealed Maria EizaguirreDirector of Communication and Participation of TVE.

“We continue to bet on new stories and we continue to reinvent ourselves to reach more people (…) This new and original program responds to our desire for entertainment and dissemination. It will be a space for all ages,” the directive expressed.

The public channel has reserved a very competitive scheduleaccess prime time, this small nocturnal box located between the Newscast 2 and the main offer of each night.

It is a slot in which TVE has tried its luck with other formats such as TVEmos, trip to tv center, Iron and chrome tips there Enred@d@sprogram the latter which is still broadcast but It was cancelled because, like its predecessors, it did not obtain the expected data.

In prime time, he will face First dates (Four), The middleman (laSexta) and the Night King: the anthill. However, Mapi has the advantage that the Pablo Motos show is in summer break and will not return with its new season until September, so Jandro will compete initially, during August, with reruns of the anthill seen on Antena 3.

Jandro is the Spanish Comic Magic Champion and “It is characterized by its own high-impact effects seasoned with a very characteristic and inimitable humor”. It was 14 seasons in the anthill of Antenna 3, where he served as script coordinator, collaborator and magician. just won the prestigious Fool Us Awards in Las Vegasbecoming the only Spanish magician to have won it four times consecutively.

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