TVE “dodges” criticism and welcomes the audience of the Running of the Bulls of San Fermín 2022

After the pandemic’s two-year hiatus, it has been shown that San Fermin running of the bulls continue to arouse public interest. This year’s edition says goodbye with an average of over 1.4 million viewers (1,414,000) and a 66.9% share on La 1 and Canal 24 Horas. In total, 3,910,000 spectators watched a bullfight for a few moments during these Sanfermines.

The most watched race of the festivities was that of Tuesday July 12 with bulls of Jandillawhich attracted an average of 1,557,000 viewers and a share of 69.7%.

In Navarre the bullfight has reached an audience of 78.4%, with an average of 69,000 viewers. A total of 228,000 spectators watched a bullfight in the Foral Community for a few moments. The special programLive Saint-Fermin‘, which aired from 7:15 to 8:30 presented by Julian Iantzi, Ana Prada and the expert runner Theo Lazarereached an average of 794,000 viewers and a share of 52.9%, the highest since 2014.

During the festivities, there was criticism on social networks and from certain sectors of the bullfighting world for the broadcast that was made of the event in the first year without Javier Solano as the event’s columnist, missing the presenters’ deeper knowledge of the party. The Navarrese Julien Iantzi makes a positive assessment despite the criticisms: “It was our first year, a new team, a new format, a different way of presenting, an entertainment program, everyone playing their role… Many have already understood this. And the data has accompanied it by exceptional way!” ¡The best data since 2014! And in two years things changed, it was a different format, we were new and we didn’t know each other, the bar for Elena and Solano was very, very high, there were two other TVs doing the shows, etc. . Therefore, we will have done something good,” says the lesakarra.

“When you make a program, and even more when you replace one that is already running and you do it differently, the clash is important and you are more exposed to criticism. I am very clear that you can never like everyone, but the important thing is to please the majority, and we succeeded in that to a large extent. People understood this change and came to appreciate it. We entertained and informed about parties and the bullfights. That was our task, nothing more”.

After the two-year shutdown of the pandemic, RTVE celebrated the return of our most universal festivals with a wide program full of news that reaches the whole world through La 1, Canal 24 Horas, TVE Internacional, Radio Nacional, Radio 5 , Outdoor Game Radio and RTVE. More than 30 cameras, a hundred professionals and a drone that flies over the enclosures were the main novelties.

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