Thousands affected in another pyramid scheme

You could invest up to 180,000 euros without paperwork

Many investors, some more or less experienced, but especially less experienced people, have decided to take the plunge. It is estimated that there are 300,000 scammed people worldwide, of which 28,000 live in Spain. Attracted by the high profitability, they rushed like crazy to the site of the project which allowed them to invest up to 180,000 euros in a few steps and without having to provide proof. (not even ID).

Moreover, on the website itself, they have made an effort to encourage users to invest with statements such as everything is completely legal or the investment is 99% guaranteed. One of the first red flags was that they used a bank located Cyprusone of the many tax havens in the world.

Already in May we were aware of the warnings from the CNMV and some economists who were aware of the project. In fact, the regulator has included the company in its list of warnings of entities that lack the proper authorization. In these companies it is not recommended to invest and in the end everything collapsed like a house of cards.

Pyramid scheme and similarities with a cult

Everything was organized through Telegram groups where investors asked their questions and lived from day to day from their investments. It is believed that these groups, some with more than 20,000 peopleThey exchanged more than 1,000 messages every day. Everyone was welcome and action was only taken in cases of insults and disrespect.

However, last Monday everything jumped. Withdrawals from the platform have been blocked due to internal issues. Investments and withdrawals can be made with cryptocurrencies or a SEPA transfer. Panic quickly spread among the members of the group who had made large investments and who now see their money totally lost.

In the group Telegram organized to talk about what happened and even created another group of people affected. The messages were not long in coming:

“Who will give me back the 20,000 euros I lost?

“Well, how many possibilities do you think there are to recover what is ours”

“Access denied to user account”

“Mmmm, I also webbed pasta, can’t you see it’s over already?” From the beginning it was clear that it had an expiry date, and everyone played with the amount they wanted, when the returns are so high that there is a lot of risk, the story always ends “

“Come on people, forget it now, they nailed it to us, they rocked us that we won’t forget in our lives”

“That’s what they got with the famous 48-hour ultimatum. Save time while they rob all the accounts. But of course if you commented on it in the groups they kicked you out for saying scared. Anyone who insinuated the slightest doubt about the project was expelled.

The web has also stopped showing signs of life and many are beginning to accept the harsh reality as we see in the posts above. However, others still continue to defend the project and point the finger at the version of the technical failures of the platform. This behavior “cult scroll” We have seen this before in other scams such as IM proficiency academy and cryptocurrencies.

Company statement to workers

As if all of the above weren’t enough, in the past few hours the company has realized this communication to workers:

“To all of our members at Juicy Fields and e-Growers.

At this time, there is a great deal of uncertainty in the communities regarding activities within Juicy Holdings BV corporate structures. I can relate to that, because it only takes a small group of negative people to start spreading rumors and discord in the wider community channels. So let me give you the facts as they stand right now.

I started working for Juicy Fields 42 days ago. I was hired specifically to create structure, transparency, and most importantly, a compliant business so that Juicy Fields can better serve current and future customers. Juicy Fields’ goal has always been to provide the public with the opportunity to participate in the commercial cultivation of cannabis plants and the profits generated as a result.

I have been involved in commercial farming and product manufacturing for 9 years. We fully understand how profitable this industry can be. For Juicy Fields, offering a vehicle that allows people to share in that revenue is not only their right, but it’s also a fantastic opportunity that individuals can take advantage of.

On more than one occasion I have informed you that I have made a number of key recommendations to the owners of Juicy Fields regarding the necessary changes required. (You read that right: I don’t own it. I have no control over bank accounts, the e-grower database, websites, or any of the social media platforms.) These changes include the development and launch of an improved platform through which e-growers, and anyone else, can access information and have full control over their own funds. Of the 5 registered owners, two were initially reluctant to accept these recommended changes, arguing that changing a working model was unnecessary, but have since acknowledged that change is inevitable.

During this phase of change, technical and organizational changes will be applied. Naturally, this will affect operating accounts, etc. The owners, as a precautionary measure, have decided to restrict access to certain accounts to prevent breaches and hacking by third parties. Attempts to hack into the secure locations where your money is kept are a constant threat that technical teams have to deal with on a daily basis. To start speculating that your money isn’t safe or that the owners of Juicy Fields are going to run away with their hard-earned money is just irresponsible and wrong. Where are they going to hide if they try this, and why would they destroy a profitable business like Juicy Fields?

Please be patient a little longer and don’t listen to the group of negative people who are always trying to spread unfounded rumors. Change is 100% coming, and you will have the right to accept and embrace this change or take your business elsewhere if you feel uncomfortable. Give me and my small team time to complete the work we have planned to do. The changes we have recommended must be made or Juicy Fields’ business will be subject to rigorous regulatory scrutiny. My job is to make sure we help build a sustainable, legal and safe business for you to invest your money. If these recommendations I made are fully implemented, the new platform should be available in August. However, the final decision rests with the owners. If anything changes, I promise to let you know. Any news heard from a source other than mine is speculation.

Finally, I also promised you a video message. Well, it’s still in the works. The last few days have been quite hectic and have not allowed us to deal with these luxuries. However, I will continue to fulfill my commitment as soon as possible.

Willie and the team at Juicy Fields »

A statement that sounds more like trying to buy time to get an output than anything else. In fact, this does not correspond to the closure of all social networks and the blocking of withdrawals.

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