there are already more than 200 million active nodes

Well, it seems that indeed users needed smart beacons to find things in the Real World™.

Samsung's AirTags are a success: there are already more than 200 million active nodes

I said a few months ago, right here on Andro4all, that Apple AirTags and Samsung SmartTags were uselessand as always time has given and taken away reasons so now i’m forced to take the cablebecause the companions of 9to5Google They tell us that indeed at least the Samsung SmartTags, they are a hit for the South Korean giant.

In fact, it’s that Samsung itself has confirmed that in their SmartThings network they already accumulate more than 200 million “nodes” to help find lost devices and items with Galaxy SmartTags, numbers unthinkable some time ago when these tags were introduced in a significant price of 39 euros which made them dangerously unattractive.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag design in black color

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag labels, a success against all odds?

Yes success must be recognized because the market has spokendespite in our analysis we have already noticed that they are useful but limitedand its price was quite far from what most would be willing to pay so in the end it was a key fob with location functions.

Nothing could be further from the truth since Samsung sold its smart beacons like hotcakes also getting huge advantages, and to show the numbers button, which from Suwon put in over 100 million SmartTags registered in the last year alone. Unthinkable, especially since they have stopped giving them with their “flagship”…

No, neither AirTags nor SmartTags are good for much: what do you need to know before buying them?

SmartThings Find continues to grow and that a network like this grows makes it more and more usefulbecause these tags are not as smart as it looks, nor do they have their own connectivity, but rather they have a chip that acts as a beacon and communicates with nearby smartphones or other devices that are connected to the SmartThings Find network to report their location and transmit it.

Thus, the more than 200 million nodes allow us to find virtually any Samsung deviceboth mobile phones and tablets or headphones, as well as things that have a SmartTag attachedalmost anytime and Around the worldso it is indeed a good achievement to celebrate.

Such success was not expected due to its prices and the limited technology, which requires a smartphone near the lost device, but the truth is that Apple’s AirTags and Samsung’s SmartTags show that users want them.

The other giant in the running, Apple, which has a similar network known as ‘Find my’ spoke in 2021 about “hundreds of millions of Apple devices” connected, but the truth is that from Cupertino, they had never offered us more precise data. Obviously, given his age and penetration, Apple’s network should be much bigger than that of Samsung.

And in fact, to complete the drawing, the big improvement they so badly need ‘Find my’ as ‘Search SmartThings’ is that they open to devices of other brandssomething that Apple has already explored and which we hope Samsung will also announce in the near future, without the need wait for Google to lift its own network harness the power of the native app find my device you have in Android and running your own tags at the same time made by Google.

If that’s his thing, it would be a universal network, but we already know that it’s always more complicated…!

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, review: useful, but limited

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