The ONCE draw distributes one million euros in Marbella and Rincón de la Victoria (Málaga)


Last Thursday’s ONCE draw left the province of Malaga very lucky, with 1,025,000 euros between the municipalities of Marbella and Rincón de la Victoria.

Thus, 675,000 euros were divided between six inhabitants of the center of Marbella, one of them endowed with half a million euros, and an additional 350,000 euros which were distributed to ten other inhabitants of Rincón de la Victoria. The draw divided 1.6 million between the provinces of Malaga, Cadiz and Almeria.

The greatest fortune was donated by Arsenio González, who sold five coupons rewarded with 35,000 euros and the free series of half a million euros offered by ONCE draws from Monday to Thursday as a jackpot.

González, ONCE seller since 2019, distributed these 675,000 euros in Pedraza street, in the center of Marbella: “Come on, little years, a little moved”, he admits, and underlines the joy that these prices bring. .

On Thursday night, when they called him from ONCE to let him know he had handed out the biggest daily raffle prize, he couldn’t believe it: “I’m very happy for the people. I’m very happy for them.” Given the movement of people that Marbella always registers in summer, Arsenio González does not know if the fortune was taken by ordinary customers, tourists from outside or people passing through.

“Here in Marbella, the atmosphere is good,” he says, adding, “It also encourages people a lot. You will see when the word spreads among the locals, it is a joy for everyone.”

For his part, José Manuel Díaz Robles sold another dozen coupons rewarded with 35,000 euros and thus distributed 350,000 euros at the gates of the Rincón de la Victoria health center, where his point of sale is located.

“I am very happy because some customers tell me that I am a ruin and when the day comes it is a great joy, especially because the customers who bought it from me, who are humble and hardworking people, and they need insurance. They leave very happy,” he explains.

Díaz maintains that giving prizes “always awakens the spirits that are now needed in these times and as everything is, it helps, any encouragement is good”.

This draw distributed an additional 315,000 euros in the city of Cádiz de Sanlúcar de Barrameda, with nine coupons awarded with 35,000 euros, and an additional 245,000 euros in the capital of Almeria, with seven other coupons awarded in five figures. In total, this Thursday’s ONCE draw distributed 1,585,000 euros between the provinces of Malaga, Cádiz and Almería, with a coupon dedicated to Santa Bárbara de Soria Hospital, in the monographic series that ONCE dedicates to the main Spanish hospitals after the pandemic, and who won the rest of the prizes to the city of Elche in Alicante.

The ONCE daily coupon offers a prize of 500,000 euros for the number plus the series, and 49 prizes of 35,000 euros for the five digits of the winning number. In addition: 450 prizes of 250 euros for the first four figures and 450 other prizes for the last four; 9,000 prizes of 25 euros for the last three or the first three; and the same for the first and the last two (6 euros), and reimbursement of 2 euros to the first or last digit of the winning number.

ONCE coupons are part of the social, safe, responsible and solidarity lottery products of the Organization which, from their design to their commercialization, put in place controls to neutralize uncontrolled consumption, expressly prohibiting the sale to minors or consumption to credit, among other measures.

The organization maintains a responsibility to citizens by promoting a responsible gambling policy with the most demanding evaluation and control systems defined by the World Lottery Association and the European Association of State Lotteries and Totos.

For its part, the Eurojackpot, the European mega draw that ONCE sells in Spain with 17 other countries of the European economic area, offers this Friday, July 15 a jackpot of 104 million euros.

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