The Hyundai N Vision 74 is the hydrogen electric prototype of your dreams – News – Hybrids and Electrics

Spectacular. There is no other way to define Hyundai N Vision 74. We know it’s a prototype, a concept car that most likely will never run on real asphalt, but its looks and technology are absolutely intoxicating. This is the latest and boldest creation n-division from the Korean firm. A retro-styled sports car that uses a unique mechanical scheme that emphasizes hyundai in terms of sustainable mobility and high performance.

The N Division Grand Gala went to great lengths in product presentation and official announcements. Hyundai has officially confirmed the arrival of the Hyundai Ioniq 5N for the next year. They also announced that a course later the corresponding version of the Hyundai Ioniq 6and in the meantime they presented an absolutely brutal prototype. The N Vision 74 sports a retro look that pays homage to the Pony CoupĂ© Concept introduced in 1974 whose design was inspired by Giorgetto Giugiaro himself.. Let’s hope he doesn’t follow in his footsteps.

Although it may not look like it, the N Vision has an overall length of almost five meters

The Pony Coupe never hit the streets, it didn’t make it past the prototype stage, which we hope will happen with the N Vision 74, although we seriously doubt it. The design work is phenomenal. A mix of old and new that blends effortlessly into a sports car that never fails to amaze at every glance.. Thousands of details spread over its almost five meters long. From the current parametric headlights used by Hyundai to the fully fairing retro wheels or the oversized rear spoiler.

Whichever way you look at it, it’s obvious that Hyundai’s N division wants to be recognized around the world for its creations. In just 7 years of life, the craziest family in the house already has something to brag about. From the concatenation of two WRC world championships to the launch of high-performance road vehicles. However, the future has a strong electrical base, as shown by the launch of the Ioniq 5 and 6 N. Unlike them, the N Vision 74 offers a different electrical point of view.

70s styling with modern details creates a stunning look

Hyundai wants hydrogen to become a fundamental part of its product structure. In the case of the prototype presented, we speak of an electrical device powered by a hydrogen fuel cell which burns the precious element to generate a current which is stored in the battery and which is then returned to two efficient rear electric motors. It offers an electric power of more than 670 horsepower with more than 900 Nm of torque. All controlled by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 62.4 kWh which operates at a voltage of 800 volts.

As for the hydrogen part, the special pressure tank has a capacity of 4.2 kilograms which allows a full recharge in just five minutes. At full speed the Hyundai N Vision 74 is capable of breaking the barrier of 250 kilometers per hour. In terms of autonomy, the Koreans estimate the autonomy at more than 600 kilometers, of course as long as you drive calmly. As we’ve said before, we don’t know if the N Vision 74 will officially hit the streets – Hyundai sees it as a rolling lab – but it just might turn into hands-on work.

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