The harsh confession of Marta Peñate in Survivors

The gala of survivors He left us everything: expulsions, injuries, reunions… Worse, one of the most interesting moments as well as the hardest was the ordeal of the wheel, in which Ignatius of Bourbon and Martha Penate they competed to see who would be the leader of the week. Both were suspended from a kind of large revolving wheel, which worked at considerable speed, and remained there for 15 minutes.. A complete time record, which had never been beaten in all editions of reality TV media play. As a reward, they both managed to obtain the long-awaited immunity necklace, so they will both be leaders during this week, and, therefore, they will have the power to designate a survivor to leave the island .

But the most emotional moment came when the test ended. Peñate, broken in tears, approached Lara Álvarez and she asked him why he was crying so much. She replied: “When I was up there, clutching the stick, I imagined it was my grandfather, the person I love the most, who recently passed away in hospice care‘ said the canary.

Nacho Palau opens the lead in Survivors

hard night inSurvivors 2022. During this Thursday’s gala, which ended with the definitive expulsion of Ana Luque, the award match was marked by the accident suffered by Nacho Palau. After the contestant hits his head with a wooden log, Lara Alvarez was forced to stop the competition so that the medical services could take care of him.

“Nacho, are you okay?” the presenter asked worriedly when she saw the survivor put a hand on his head trying to continue the tour. After realizing he was bleeding, the Asturian has decided to put the game on hold so that the doctor can treat the injury.

“It’s fine”, assured Lara to reassure the public and, above all, those close to Nacho: “He had a little blow with the trunk and blood was coming out. Let’s wait a moment, please, for the doctor to heal Nacho. But he’s fine. I wanted to keep playing!”

Due to this unexpected Carlos Sobera had to resume the program from the set to re-establish the connection with Honduras a few minutes later. Competitors received good news in return, as the game was permanently suspended and all could enjoy the reward.

Later, Nacho Palau he entered the palapa with an ostentatious headband on his head, since he was to receive three points. “Estoy bien, estoy perfecto. La cabeza la tengo muy dura”, aseguró el ex de Miguel Bosé, who explained how fue el accidente: “Soy muy bruto y me he golpeado en el lateral. Me han puesto un poco de hielo pero está Everything is going well. Let my family know that I’m perfect, I haven’t had vertigo or anything“.

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