The electric Hummer is anything but zero emissions

It’s not the first time we talk about questionable consideration of zero emissions for electric carsHowever, the GMC Hummer EV is case and apart. General Motors’ huge, technologically advanced electric pickup lives up to its history, while transferring its philosophy of everything largely to the electric vehicle. And that philosophy is what led GM to create the most polluting electric car of the moment according to the latest study carried out by the ACEEE. And that’s what IOverse in an electric Hummer is anything but zero emissions.

The American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy is a non-profit organization that fight in the United States for a more sustainable world without polluting emissions. For this reason, the GMC Hummer EV was the last axis of his research, carrying out a study of the emissions of this electric pickup throughout its life and taking into account the energy mix of the United States, a market where produces and markets this electric battery that weighs 4,110 Kg, which can reach 1,000 HP of power and installs a battery with a capacity of 212.7 kWh.

The simple production of the GMC Hummer EV batteries already involves a very high cost in emissions

Well, the result of this study is quite clear, finding out that the GMC Hummer EV emits 212 grams of CO2 per kilometer, which is quite a high figure and stands in stark contrast to the emissions that other alternatives powered by internal combustion engines can offer. And this is only the complaint made by the ACEEE, as it recalls that the considerations of zero emissions, green vehicle, sustainable, etc. that are attributed to electricity, even at the legislative level, should be reviewed to begin to differentiate electricity.

However, this complaint must also be seen with some hindsight, because while the emissions of the GMC Hummer EV are extremely surprising, it is nonetheless true that given its advantages and its approach it is a vehicle that is in a category where there is no efficient car. For comparison, a direct predecessor such as the Hummer H1 emitted 553 grams, making the huge GMC Hummer EV a much greener car. But similarly, when comparing contemporary electrics, keep in mind that a Chevrolet Bolt is satisfied with 92 grams of CO2 under identical analysis conditions.

Still, the new electric Hummer is far greener than any of its predecessors.

Overall, perhaps the most interesting insight that can be drawn from this study is that indeed we need to start differentiating between electricitygood as well demonstrated Volvo when comparing the emissions over the entire useful life of an electric car and its petrol alternative, When we talk about the environmental impact of an electric vehicle, we must take into account its entire lifespan.which includes its production, the energy with which it is recharged and its subsequent recycling.

Source: ACEEE

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