the days of shock and reactions to the departure of Sonsoles Ónega from Mediaset

It was already eight o’clock in the afternoon on Monday July 11 when a statement by Atresmedia caused the television earthquake of the year. The audiovisual group led by Javier Bardají has ​​announced the signature of Sonsoles Ónegawhich ended by surprise a professional stage of more than 14 years at Telecincoa channel in which he presented ‘It’s already noon’ and in which he was going to drive Special 50th anniversary of Queen Letizia.

From this note, a domino effect of events and reactions took over from the initial shock caused by the news, particularly among viewers and a large part of the Mediaset universe. We review the timeline of events that occurred after Sonsoles Ónega was signed by Atresmedia and their respective departure from Mediaset.

Monday, July 11 – Atresmedia announces by surprise the signing of Sonsoles Ónega

2:59 p.m. Although he kept it a secret that these were his last hours at the Mediaset facilities, Sonsoles Ónega finished what would be his last program at the helm of ‘Ya es midday’ with words that have taken on new meaning after learning of his signing from Atresmedia. “That’s all we did, they stay with ‘Informativos Telecinco’. I’ll take you here, bye-bye”, was limited to saying the journalist, bringing her hand to her heart. A few words that, logically, no one interpreted at the time as a definitive farewell.

20:00. The earthquake begins. As if it were some kind of nod to ‘It’s already eight o’clock’, the program he was also presenting until a few days ago, Atresmedia sends a statement to the media announcing the signing of Sonsoles Ónega, who joined the group as the new face of Antena 3, a network in which he will present a new format from next season, but without revealing more details. In this way, the journalist ended by surprise a stage of more than 14 years in Telecinco.

8:44 p.m. Mediaset’s reaction was only long in coming exactly 44 minutes after Atresmedia’s statement. The group led by Paolo Vasile announced that Joaquín Prat would be the replacement for Sonsoles Ónega in “It’s already noon” from next season. At this time it was also revealed that he would combine the program with his work leading ‘Cuatro al día’.

Tuesday, July 12 – Prat leaves ‘Cuatro al día’ and Ónega receives a welcome from the Atresmedia universe, farewells from his commentators and a live clue?

1:30 p.m. later, the reactions continued to occur in Mediaset, despite the shock that the news continued to produce in Fuencarral. ‘It’s already noon’ continued with Marc Calderó forward and a dart in Sonsoles Ónega by journalist Mayka Navarro. To rule out a connection, the reporter praised Calderó for taking over the space: “Hey, I’m so glad to see you sitting there. I send a big kiss to you and the whole team.” Immediately afterwards, Navarro replied to Ónega’s farewell the day before: “Here I take them, here”he expressed sarcastically, also putting his hand on his heart.

Despite the silence that reigns in the space so far presented by the journalist, two collaborators wanted to publicly say goodbye to Ónega. Rosa Benito and Alba Carrillo dedicated messages to the presenteryes, via their social networks: “Thank you very much Sonsoles. We will miss you very much. Thank you for your teachings, love and understanding & rdquor;Carrillo wrote on his Instagram Stories with a photo with Ónega. “May your smile never fade. Thank you so much for that!”Benito dedicated to the driver.

3:37 p.m. Antena 3 Noticias welcomes Sonsoles Ónega to Atresmedia with a short piece in which Sandra Golpe announced her signing as the new face of the network. In turn, the presenters of the group such as Roberto Leal or Eva González also share the news of their arrival at the audiovisual group

22:00 At the end of the day, we know that after learning that he was going to present the midday magazine practically because of the statement sent, Joaquín Prat requested a meeting with the management of Mediaset and the production company Unicorn Content to analyze the situation. The journalist asked executives to leave Cuatro’s evening magazine concentrate on the new task entrusted to him for next fall, something that was finally grantedaccording to Semana magazine and checked EVERYTHING.

Wednesday, July 13 – Ónega “reappears” by surprise in Mediaset

1:30 p.m. Sonsoles Ónega reappears on Telecinco by mistake after learning of his departure from Mediaset. The journalist reappeared in the header of ‘It’s Already Noon’ after the day before they released a bumper without her image.

10:30 p.m. After the morning mistake, Sonsoles Ónega appeared by surprise in the presentation video by Esteban Muñoz, one of the participants in the final concert of ‘Sálvame Mediafest’, who was just his partner in ‘It’s already noon’. in the video before her performance, the journalist motivated Esteban, claiming the essence of the Telecinco program: “I hope tonight you bring to the ‘Mediafest’ stage the spirit of ‘It’s Already Noon’. A spirit of fighting and victory.”

Thursday July 14 – Imminent premiere of Joaquín Prat in ‘Ya es midday’ and Ana Terradillos goes to ‘Cuatro al día’

6:26 p.m. Mediaset continues to recompose its particular television game board after the departure of Sonsoles Ónega. After accepting his request to leave “Four a day” and contradicting what had been announced in Monday’s press release, Paolo Vasile’s group announced that Joaquín Prat would make his debut next Monday, July 18 at the head of ‘It’s already noon‘, a program that will be combined with ‘The Summer Program’.

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In turn, Mediaset announced that Ana Terradillos is leaving ‘El programa del verano’ to take charge of ‘Cuatro al día’, a program that she will also start presenting next Monday, July 18.

Friday July 15 – Ana Terradillos says goodbye to ‘The Summer Show’

1:28 p.m. Ana Terradillos lived her last morning this Friday in front of ‘The summer program’, say goodbye to the public of Telecinco with a few words at the end of the ‘Social Club’: “Gentlemen, we have come this far. It has been a real honor to occupy this chair, the chair of the queen of the mornings. Thank you Ana Rosa, thank you Xelo (Montesinos) and thank you to Mediaset for allowing us to carry out this project. Thank you to the whole team, who welcomed me as one of their own”.

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