The Civil Guard warns of the WhatsApp message that you must ignore so as not to be scammed – Technology

WhatsApp It is one of the most used social networks, since it is part of the mobile phone of people of all ages. That’s why it’s also the app the most used to commit scams. Over the years there have been many, including scammers who pretend to be other people to get money, especially by children of worried mothers asking for money to get a new mobile when theirs breaks.

This time, the Civil Guard and the Internet Security Office (OSI) issued a new warning to the public about a new danger found on the network. This is a message that has reached many phone numbers through WhatsApp, the link of which may cause problems.

In the message, the criminals impersonate Coca-Cola and attract the attention of users claiming they are giving gifts for their 130th birthday. However, the link they share does not lead you to these freebies, as they do not exist either. Instead, they direct you to a fraudulent website, which offers fake cards worth 500 euros at Shell gas stations. In this way, they manage to get their hands on the victims’ data and subscribe them to a service that costs 43.50 euros every 14 days.

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